Employment Type
Grade Levels
Base Salary
$65,000 - $85,000 per YEAR
Offers 401K
Start Date
Valid Through
Position Areas
Early Childhood Development/Daycare
Public School
Special Education


Looking to make a difference in an innovative and dynamic inclusive charter school network? UCP Charter Schools are a network of 8 PreK-12th grade schools for students with and without disabilities in Central Florida.

Job Summary:

The Principal, working in partnership with the Superintendent and Education Leadership Team, builds and maintains a culture of high academic expectations, where every student can succeed to their maximum ability, maintains a safe and healthy environment, and facilitates the participation of parents/guardians to maximize each student’s learning potential. This is a year-round position.

Job Responsibilities:

Hold self and others accountable to the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida, pursuant to Rule 6A-10.081, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), and adhere to guidelines for student welfare pursuant to Section 1001.42(8), F.S., the rights of students and parents enumerated in Sections 1002.20 and 1014.04, F.S., and state, local school, and governing board policies; Collaborate with parents, students, and other stakeholders to develop, communicate, and enact a shared vision, mission, and core values to promote the academic success and well-being of all students. Manage the school’s fiscal resources in a responsible and ethical manner, engaging in effective budgeting, decision making, and accounting practices, monitoring revenue and expenses on an on-going basis. Ensure full enrollment of the school including holding weekly admission team meetings, monitoring enrollment/intake team, developing relationships with local community referrals and working with the marketing team. Recruit, hire, develop, support, and retain diverse, effective, and caring instructional personnel with the professional capacity to promote literacy and other achievement and the academic success of all students. Manage scheduling and resources by assigning instructional personnel to roles and responsibilities that optimize their professional capacity to address all students’ learning needs, ensuring timely submittal of Master Schedule and monitoring teacher certification. Ensure all compliance requirements are completed in a timely manner (i.e. CharterLinks, DCF requirements if applicable, Drills, etc.) Organize time, tasks, and projects effectively to protect school personnel’s work and learning, as well as their own, to optimize productivity and student learning; meet required deadlines. Utilize data, technology, and communication systems to deliver actionable information to improve the quality and efficiency of operations and management to include safety, climate, and student learning. Utilize and coach best practices in conflict resolution, constructive conversations, and management for all stakeholders related to school needs and communicate outcomes with school and district leaders. Create and maintain systems and structures that promote school security to ensure that students, school personnel, families, and community are safe and ensure compliance with the requirements for school safety, as outlined in Section 1001.54, F.S., Section 1006.09, F.S., and Rule 6A-1.0017, F.A.C. Collaborate with Consortium and school leaders to create and implement policies that address and reduce chronic absenteeism and out-of-school suspensions. Create and maintain a school climate and culture of high expectations and enable school personnel to support the academic growth and well-being of all students. Ensure alignment of the school’s learning goals and classroom instruction to the state’s student academic standards, and the Consortium’s adopted curricula and K-12 reading plan. Develop and implement a structure that enables school personnel to work as a system and focus on providing evidence-based intervention, acceleration, and enrichment that meet student needs. Promote the effective use of data analysis with school personnel for all student subgroups and provide coaching to improve student learning and minimize or eliminate achievement gaps and ensure all appropriate data in submitted in Google folders. Ensure all students demonstrate learning growth through a variety of ongoing progress monitoring data as evidenced by student performance and growth on local, statewide, and other applicable assessments as stipulated in Section 1008.22, F.S. Ensure and monitor the implementation of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices as described in Rule 6A-5.065, F.A.C., by all instructional personnel. Develop and maintain routines and procedures that foster a safe, respectful, and student-centered learning environment. Cultivate and protect a comprehensive system that establishes a culture of learning, which includes policies and procedures to address student misconduct in a positive, fair, and unbiased manner. Deliver timely, actionable, and ongoing feedback about instructional practices driven by standards-aligned content to support and coach the development of instructional personnel’s knowledge and skills including documented walkthroughs. Provide opportunities for instructional personnel to recognize, understand, and respond to student needs to minimize or eliminate achievement gaps. Attend to personal learning and effectiveness by engaging in need-based professional learning, modeling self-reflection practices, and seeking and being receptive to feedback. Develop and implement a school-wide professional learning plan based on the needs of instructional personnel and students, and revise elements of the plan as needed. Monitor and evaluate professional practice, and provide timely, actionable, and ongoing feedback to assistant principals and instructional personnel that fosters continuous improvement. Provide time and resources to establish and sustain a professional culture of collaboration and commitment to the shared educational vision, mission, and core values of the school with mutual accountability; and Adhere to the professional learning standards adopted by the State Board of Education in Rule 6A-5.069, F.A.C., in planning and implementing professional learning, monitoring change in professional practice, and evaluating impact on student outcomes. Develop and support open, productive, caring, and trusting working relationships among school leaders and other personnel to build professional capacity and improve instructional practice driven by standards-aligned content. Cultivate current and potential school leaders and assist with the development of a pipeline of future leaders. Develop capacity by delegating tasks to other school leaders and holding them accountable. Plan for and manage staff turnover and succession, providing opportunities for effective induction and mentoring of school personnel. Understand, value, and employ the community’s cultural, social, and intellectual context and resources. Model and advocate for respectful communication practices between school leaders, parents, students, and other stakeholders. Maintain high visibility and accessibility, and actively listen and respond to parents, students, and other stakeholders. Recognize parents, students, and other stakeholders for contributions and engagement that enhance the school community; and Utilize appropriate technologies and other forms of communication to partner with parents, students, and families on student expectations and academic performance. Perform other duties as assigned. What UCP Offers

Our mission at UCP is to empower children with and without disabilities to achieve their potential by providing individualized support, education and therapy services in an inclusive environment. When you join UCP of Central Florida you partner with a team that is making a positive impact on the futures of our children. For over 60 years, we have been dedicated to enriching the lives of children of all abilities across Central Florida. We provide individualized Support, Education, and Therapy services to thousands of children at 8 campuses in: Downtown Orlando, East Orlando (near UCF), Kissimmee, Pine Hills, Lake Mary, and Winter Garden.

UCP of Central Florida offers a competitive benefit package available to all employees! Some perks to being a UCP Team Member may include: health insurance (free option after the first year), dental insurance options, free life insurance, paid time off, discounted on-site childcare, 403B/Retirement match, short & long term disability, and support in continuing your education.

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