Instructional Assistant: 2022-23 School Year

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The instructional assistant provides assistance to the classroom teacher(s) in the management and instruction of students; performs related tasks as required and directed and; performs work under the direction and supervision of the classroom teacher(s); however, the assistant may independently carry out particular routine aspects of the instructional program including school-wide duties as assigned.


The minimum performance expectations include, but not limited to, the following functions/tasks:

Reliable attendance and prompt arrival time. Maintains and respects confidentiality of student and school personnel information; Discusses assigned teaching area and works with classroom teacher(s) to coordinate instructional efforts; Assists in delivering instructions to students as directed by assigned teacher(s); Carries out instructional plans as designated by the principal, classroom teacher(s) and if appropriate, students’ Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) including 1:1 assistance; Assists classroom teacher(s) in preparing and developing various teaching aids, such as charts, centers, and graphs; Assists students, individually and in groups, with lesson assignments to reinforce learning concepts; Maintains pleasant and orderly classroom environment (e.g., maintains instructional materials, designs bulletin boards, assists teacher and/or students in clean-up activities, etc.); Assists teacher(s) in maintaining a classroom management policy that fosters a safe and positive environment for all students and staff; Assists in ensuring the adequate safe supervision of all students; Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities; Assists the teacher(s) in related instructional activities (e.g., field trips, library, assembly, etc.) as directed; Assists in ensuring the safe and proper physical movement of students from one learning environment to another; Reports promptly to assigned/designated location and/or area; Attends required meetings and in-services; Complies with and supports school and division regulations and policies; Models non-discriminatory practices in all activities and; Performs other duties as assigned by school librarian/classroom teacher(s) or building administrator(s) in accordance with school/division policies and practices.

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