Director of Student Services, Secondary Schools

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JOB TITLE: Director of Student Services, Secondary Schools

QUALIFICATIONS: Current Oklahoma Administrator’s Certificate

EDUCATION: M. Ed. Degree Required

• Experience as an administrator (principal, coordinator, director)
• Secondary experience (a combination of middle and high school experience preferred but
not required)

Assists with supervision and evaluation of elementary and secondary school principals

Cabinet-level Leadership (Supt., Assoc. Supt, and/or Executive Director)


Communication Skills: Knowledge of grammatical structure, vocabulary for correspondence,
proof-reading ability, and web-based communications. Must communicate clearly with
grammatically correct English. Must compose correspondence. Must be able to speak publicly,
and assist with conducting small-group and large-scale meetings and/or professional learning
opportunities for school leaders. Must communicate effectively and efficiently with a wide
range of patrons and professionals to provide information and/or to answer inquiry relating to
student services which may include but is not limited to inquiries regarding curriculum,
instruction, student discipline, school improvement, and/or school leadership. Must provide good
customer service and show evidence of good interpersonal relations/people skills.
Financial Aptitude and Record Keeping: Must perform data analysis/record keeping
operations and assist with managing a district-level/departmental budget; must assist with
determining what changes need to be made to existing records, policies, regulations; must assist
with analyzing budget(s) for optimal interest of the district. Must be able to perform simple
computations. Must effectively utilize and evaluate clerical staff/administrative assistant(s) to
help with job functions, office/department management, communications, tasks, and interactions
with the public.

Leadership: Must assist with providing leadership development and mentoring to site-level
administrators and must serve as liaison between site leadership and parents, guardians, and
other district personnel; must read and interpret different types of complex written and printed
materials to gain insight and/or to provide recommendations for the student services department,
for professional learning, and/or for school and district leaders. Must assist with training and/or
directing others. Must provide complex but easily interpreted instructions with an emphasis on
problem-solving and/or maximizing outcomes. Must assist with the selection of highly-qualified
site administrators. Must elicit feedback from stakeholders and may conduct interviews. Must
assist with instructional leadership and managerial feedback to site principals using a district-
approved leadership evaluation tool and site improvement process. Must use creativity, 
integrity, and collaboration to achieve the mission of the school district with an emphasis on
inclusivity and optimism. Must be a role model for all staff with regard to professionalism –
dress, attendance, work habits, etc.

Advocacy: An incumbent in this position must have regular contact with persons inside and
outside the school district which requires tact, diplomacy, collaboration, judgment, and problem-
solving; must make and/or assist with formal presentations on a variety of topics and must 
interpret information as necessary. Must be able to make sound decisions regarding board policy
while also advocating for the best interest of all students and staff. Must be able to work with
external stakeholders, including community leaders and legislators, as well as staff and students
from various backgrounds and/or special needs.


These may include but are not limited to:

• Assisting curriculum coordinators with development, revision, implementation,
deadlines, and data collection as directed by the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel

• Assisting with textbook and instructional materials review and selection for the district

• Assisting with the coordination and approval of informational materials distributed to
elementary and secondary staff, administrators, and/or parents and public

• Assisting with the coordination, implementation, and supervision of curricular and extra-
curricular programs in elementary and secondary schools

• Assisting with the development and implementation of the district’s strategic plan and
goals as well as school site’s improvement plans

• Assisting with the encouragement of professional learning and the development of
impactful instructional leaders at school sites

• Assisting with the observation, supervision, and performance evaluation of site-level
administrators and communicate with them regarding performance and professional
growth in an ongoing professional way

• Being responsive to administrative issues/concerns as well as parent issues and concerns

• Interpreting the elementary and secondary instructional program and goals as well as the
District mission, vision, and values to parents and the general public

• Overseeing the work of a clerical employee who also performs clerical functions for
other administrators

• Performing other tasks as may be assigned

• Receiving and acting on parent concerns related to elementary and secondary schools

• Receiving and acting on student transfer requests as directed by the Assistant 
Superintendent of Personnel Services

• Serving as a public relations ambassador for the district

• Serving as the district-level hearing chair for student suspension hearings (unless directly
involved in the disciplinary investigation and/or consequences)

• Serving on internal and/or external committees and boards as a district representative

• Staying informed about current trends and practices in the various subject matters/core
content areas and serving as a leader/liaison for other district leaders – special services,
curriculum, operations, personnel, staff development, technology services, etc.

job requires manual and visual dexterity or ability to keyboard, drive, see, hear, and develop
meeting agendas, reports, and analysis of data/information. Employee must be able to
communicate with all types of personnel at each level of the organization and with community
leaders and legislative personnel as a collaborator and advocate. Must be self-motivated and
able to handle conflict and/or politically sensitive subject-matter with sensitivity and concern.


SALARY SCHEDULE: Commensurate with education and experience (off-scale)

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