Special Education Inclusion Instructional Coach K-12

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Special Education


Special Education Instructional Coach K-12 

Position Purpose 

The Special Education Coach will provide instructional support and coaching to NCPS teachers as they work to implement the curriculum and specially designed instruction. The primary role of the Special Education Coach is to work with instructional staff  to support best practices in using data, provide analysis of classroom and school-wide trends in instruction and make recommendations about potential next steps to address areas of individual needs of students.  As an advisor to teachers and administrators, the coach is responsible for providing support in instructional planning and delivery, specially designed instruction, analyzing data in order to adapt curriculum, and sharing of best practices across all academic disciplines.  The coach will support educators across all content areas but will also support teachers in implementing specially designed instruction and Tier 3 interventions for students. 

Salary: $43,125-$68,136 (Commensurate with Experience)
Please visit the NCPS website to determine salary specifics according to the current salary scale: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XTNoI8Bpa2ySAvUWF0co2r3ux9taXFOk?usp=sharing.

Essential Functions

(These are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.)
  • Instructional Support:  Supporting teachers with designing and implementing rigorous and culturally responsive strategies that meet the learning needs of students with disabilities

  • Provides instructional coaching in all academic areas which includes student-centered observation-feedback cycles with individual teachers focused on improving student outcomes through effective instruction and assessment

  • Facilitates reflection and problem solving with teachers

  • Creates an environment that establishes and promotes continuous improvement for student outcomes

  • Collaborates with teachers and provides specific strategies for improved instructional delivery with research-based instructional strategies and interventions to improve achievement for all students

  • Assists teachers with implementation of Tier 3 interventions

  • Co-teaches and/or models lessons as needed to support teacher development in the inclusion setting

  • Builds teacher capacity in ensuring all students with disabilities have equitable access to rigorous learning opportunities that take individual student needs into consideration

  • Provides intensive coaching and feedback  for beginning special education teachers in order to build capacity and support professional growth

  • Data Analysis and Utilization Support:  Supporting teachers in understanding, analyzing and utilizing data to support equitable student access to learning

    • Establishes a culture that uses student data regularly to improve instructional practices

    • Builds teacher capacity in effectively using formative data to inform instruction

    • Cultivates a standards-based, data and results-oriented culture

    • Collaborates and/or facilitates the analysis of interim and formative assessment data that informs instructional planning

  • Special Education Support:  Supporting teachers in deepening their  knowledge of specially designed instruction while aligning standards, curriculum, and assessment across multi- grade classrooms

    • Makes recommendations on best practices for supporting teachers in delivering grade appropriate content while making appropriate accommodations based on information in the IEP and student needs

    • Supports teachers in reviewing curriculum to identify ways to provide access for students with disabilities

    • Supports teachers in the development of strong and compliant IEPs

    • Reviews and provides feedback on teacher-developed lesson plans, unit plans and assessments

    • Assists special education teachers in the identification and selection of appropriate instructional materials aligned to content standards and IEP goals.  

  • Professional Development:  Providing ongoing professional development based on teacher, building, and district needs.

    • Attends district professional development sessions that happen both within and outside of regular school hours

    • Turnkeys professional development to teachers during before or after school professional development times or during Collaborative Planning Time

    • Builds the capacity of teachers to support the improvement of student outcomes

    • Collaborates with division staff and principals in determining appropriate resources and support for teachers

    • Leads teacher study groups to increase content and pedagogical knowledge as needed

  • Other work:

    • Coordinates with stakeholders and the leadership team as necessary to support teacher development and student growth

    • Maintains records of teacher support and submits to supervisor at requested intervals to document quantity, duration and type of teacher support 

    • Completes any additional duties as assigned by the Director of Special Programs

    Additional Duties
    Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Principal and other central office administrators as designated by the Superintendent. 
                    Note:  The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility. 

    Use standard office equipment such as; personal computers, printer, copy and fax machines, and telephone. 

    Travel Requirements
    Travels to school district buildings and professional meetings as required. 

    Work Schedule
    Standard teacher work schedule as set forth in the Teachers' Contract. 

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    • Knowledge of current instructional teaching methods and educational pedagogy, as well as differentiates instruction based upon student learning styles.
    • Knowledge of curriculum and concepts.
    • Knowledge of applicable federal and state laws regarding education and students.
    • Ability to use computer network system and software applications as needed.
    • Ability to organize and coordinate work.
    • Ability to communicate effectively with students and parents.
    • Ability to engage in self-evaluation with regard to performance and professional growth.
    • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others contacted in the course of work.
    Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards
    Work in standard office and school building environments. 
                    Note:    Also see the Summary of Physical, Sensory and Environmental Requirements Needed to Perform Essential Functions for this position. 


    • State Certification as a Special Education Teacher K-12 as required for position.
    • Motor Vehicle Operator's License or ability to provide own transportation.
    Master’s degree (preferred)


    Evidence of at least five years of exemplary teaching experiences in special education
    Strong record of helping students achieve academic success in diverse populations
    Experience collaborating with,  coaching, and mentoring teachers
    Experience in analyzing data and using results to modify lessons
    Knowledge of and experience with specially designed instruction
    Knowledge and experience of the Virginia Tiered Systems of Support framework and Tier 3 interventions for reading, math, and/or behavior
    Demonstrates the ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with colleagues and school administrators. 
    Ability to collaborate with teacher teams, co-teach lessons, and conduct demonstration lessons
    Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to utilize technology for communication and instruction. 

    FLSA Status:       Exempt        10-month position


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