Teacher on Special Assignment, Dean of Students/Athletic Coordinator

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TITLE: Certified Teacher on Special Assignment, Dean of Students/Athletic Coordinator
CLASSIFICATION: Exempt - 10 Month Certified Work Calendar

REQUIRED LICENSE/CERTIFICATION:   Arizona Principal and Teacher Certification; MA Degree in the Field of Education
  • IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Arizona Teaching Certificate with relevant Endorsements
Preschool Requirements: Documentation of a negative Mantoux skin test or other tuberculosis screening test recommended by the
US Centers for Disease Control administered within 12 months before the starting date of employment. A Food Handler's Card
authorized through the Arizona Department of Health may be required in the future.

REPORTS TO: Person(s) designated by the Board or Superintendent
SUPERVISES: Paraprofessionals, volunteers, students and student teachers

Athletic Coordinator Position Purpose
To manage and coordinate the school district athletic activities and sports programs to promote athletics and physical fitness as positive extra-curricular activities, and to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to participate and share in the benefits of the district's athletic programs

Essential Functions
  • Supervises the athletic programs in coordination with the Principal and others, including recommending policies and procedures relating to the athletic programs.
  • Analyzes and evaluates existing athletic programs and equipment for the purpose of ensuring that they serve the best interest of the district and the students who participate, meet applicable laws and regulations, and ensure safety of participants.
  • Assists in the recruitment, selection, supervision and evaluation of all coaches.
  • Serves as a consultant to administration, teaching staff, coaches and students on matters pertaining to the athletic programs.
  • Analyzes student participation and develops procedures to ensure that the maximum number of students have the opportunity to participate in athletic activities and that the programs do not discriminate against female or minority students.
  • Supervises and coordinates the district budget and finances for all sports programs and sporting events, including inventory and control of uniforms, supplies and equipment.
  • Supervises the district's athletic facilities, oversees the scheduling and coordinating of practices and athletic events, and disseminates information as needed regarding the times and places athletic events.
  • Assists in ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations relating to athletics are applied and followed, federal laws and regulations, state laws and regulations, and C.I.A.C. rules and regulations.
  • Assists in establishing and administering a program for passes for members of the community for athletic and related events.
  • Coordinates the selection and compensation of sports officials/referees for on-site events, and represents the district for the purpose of securing the highest possible quality of officiating.
  • Establishes criteria for awards relating to participation and demonstrating excellence in school district athletic programs, including eligibility requirements.
  • Creates materials to publicize athletic and sporting events, both in printed and electronic formats, for the purpose of disseminating information and fostering enhanced awareness among students, staff, and the community in recognizing and supporting the school's athletic programs and attending events.
  • Providing information regarding schedules, postponements or cancellations, sporting event statistics, records, and other relevant information.
  • Handles all accidents and injuries in accordance with school policies, and applicable laws and regulations, including reporting and documentation requirements.
  • Maintains records and documents as required and necessary to ensure proper documentation of athletic program activities, events, participation, and related information for the purpose of complying with school policies as well as applicable laws and regulations.

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