In-School Suspension Assistant

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Job Classification: In-School Suspension Assistant

Effective August 2, 2022

Job Summary: Supervise and monitor students assigned to the In-School Suspension Program.

Knowledge and Abilities:
• Applicant should have knowledge of school and classroom rules, procedures and practices.
• Applicant must have the ability to interpret and establish appropriate rules, methods and techniques in maintaining a disciplined academic environment.
• Applicant must have strong interpersonal skills and patience.
• Applicant must have experience working with students and knowledge of conflict resolution techniques is strongly encouraged.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Provide supervision for students who are assigned to the In-School Suspension classroom.
2. Take daily attendance.
3. Review in-school suspension policies, procedures and student expectations with students daily.
4. Work with students and or other staff members during student reflection period on issues such as behavior management and the prevention of undesirable behaviors that resulted in student being assigned to ISS.
5. Monitor all ISS assignments; provide encouragement and feedback to students, monitor tests, computer work and provide instructional assistance as appropriate.
6. Ensure students have security escorts to lavatory facilities.
7. Email teachers 24 hours in advance for work requests and complete student Work Completion Logs for all students assigned to the room.
8. Facilitate and arrange delivery of student lunches when necessary.
9. Refer behavior problems to Assistant Principals.

Education and Experience
• High School Grad
• Operating knowledge of computers.
• Experience in working with high school age children.
• Must be able to handle and react to potential volatile situations and take appropriate action.

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