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TITLE: Special Education Department Chair (12-month position)
REPORTS TO: Building Level Administration and Director of Special Education
Special Education Department Chair’s will provide professional leadership and foster a positive environment within their school as well as promoting collegiality and a strong work ethic. The primary purpose of the Department Chair is to serve as a liaison regarding their content area between the building administrative team, their grade level colleagues and the other grade levels. Specific attention will be placed on ensuring instructional alignment to the compliance aspects as well as scope and depth of the teaching and learning required Virginia Standards of Learning and the Virginia Aligned Standards of Learning. Special Education Department chairs will work collaboratively with other lead teachers, coaches, the administrative team, and central office personnel to support special education programming at the building level.

  1. Current Virginia endorsement in the content area
  2. At least 3 years of teaching experience in the content area they will be supporting is preferred.
  3. Recommendation from a supervisor
  4. Strong interpersonal communication and collaborative skills
  5. Is committed to equitable education practices for all students.
  6. Teacher has not been on an improvement plan for at least the last three years.
Department Responsibilities
  • Track special education due dates (IEPs, Eligibilities, Re-evals, etc...)
  • Maintain an inventory system for all departmental equipment, materials, assistive technology devices (ie: spell checkers)
  • In conjunction with Building Admin team develop/monitor special education teacher caseload assignments (awareness of caseload points)
  • Meet monthly with the Supervisor of Special Education
  • Serve as contact person for general education teachers, guidance, admin, parents, etc. for concerns, questions, etc. Related to special education.
  • Send reminder emails regarding upcoming dates and special education due dates.
  • Share concerns, questions, issues of case managers with Building Admin/Supervisor of Special Education
Special Education Paperwork
  • Review drafts of IEPs, Eligibilities, FBAs, BIPs (either review each IEP or set up buddy system)
  • Oversee cumulative files (organization of and remind teachers to sign access to records in each student's CUME file.)
  • Review progress report comments for all sped teachers/Monitor student progress reports and maintain documentation that progress reports go out in a timely manner.
  • Ensure case managers have checked student schedules for alignment with IEP services (ie: related services and placement)
  • Key transfer students into VA IEP.
  • Provide monthly SPED Department Chair meetings for team in conjunction with Supervisor of Special Education
  • Serve as LEA for special education meetings.
  • Actively participates in Department Chair meetings and shares pertinent information with colleagues.
  • Attend department chair or administrative meetings required by your building admin team.
  • In conjunction with the Supervisor of Special Education provide training and resources aligned to division procedures and state regulations to both general education and special education teachers
  • Reinforce division wide special education procedures outlined in Handbook.
  • Establish peer buddies at the beginning of the school year to check each other's IEPs.  The speech teacher can have the case manager responsible for each of student/grade level review.
  • Work with staff to ensure all are using the checklist form while drafting the IEP to avoid errors.
  • Ensure all testing accommodations for special education students, including benchmarks are being reviewed and implemented.
  • Help to maintain SOL accommodations spreadsheet to give to the building testing coordinator.
  • Support VAAP/VESOL assessments at the building level
  • Disseminate information from GLC or administrative meetings, either with a meeting or through email to all SPED staff.
  • Collect information, data from the team as requested from the central office or admin meetings.
  • Send out procedure reminders (i.e.: beginning and end of year check-out packets)
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Provides a positive environment that encourages collegiality and a strong work ethic.  
  • Shares VDOE (Virginia Department of Education) resources and PD opportunities with department in a timely manner
  • Shares views of the department, not subjective opinions, when representing the department
  • Publicly supports decisions made through consensus.
12 Month Department Chair Additional Responsibilities:
  • Schedule summer evals, child study, and eligibility meetings (Division Wide)
  • Support department summer training schedule in partnership with the Supervisor of Special Education (Division Wide)
  • Assist with summer case manager and ESY concerns as they may arise (Division Wide)
Specifics should be defined by Human Resources (e.g., compensation and contract length).
Performance on this job will be evaluated in accordance with School Board policy and administrative regulations on evaluation of adm

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