Title I Intervention Teacher for the 2022-2023 School Year

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Job Summary:
The Title I Intervention Teacher will assist classroom teacher in improving student achievement in reading and/or math of Title I students. The Title I Intervention Teacher will participate in professional development and provide technical support to Professional Learning Communities and other school staff in implementing tiered intervention for students identified as at-risk.   
Essential Job Functions:

  • Assist school staff with differentiated instruction.
  • Facilitate skill in collaboration, reading and/or math instruction, and the analysis of data to improve student success.
  • Participate in Professional Learning Communities, data teams, and teacher collaboration meetings.
  • Assist Title I schools in School Improvement Planning and district school improvement process.
  • Comprehensive understanding  of district and school improvement initiatives,  differentiated instruction, data driven decision making, and assessment practices.
  • Comprehensive understanding of core, supplementary, and intervention/remediation programs/resources.
  • Facilitate parent involvement activities and outreach for reading and/or mathematics.
  • Maintain Title I inventory and other Title I required records.
  • Demonstrate and participate in discussions on the use and interpretation of summative, formative, screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessments.
Essential Job Functions (cont):
  • Ability to effectively work and communicate with administration, students, parents, and school personnel.
  • Analyze student assessment data and use the results to design and coordinate the implementation of appropriate intervention strategies.
  • Adhere to guidelines of confidentiality as outlined in federal and state laws and School Board Policies and Procedures.
  • Maintain a record of appropriate attendance and punctuality.
  • Serve as an optimal role model for students, colleagues, and general public.
  • Maintain a clean, neat appearance, appropriate to position.
  • Comply with all district and school policies and regulations.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Demonstrate ability to work cooperatively with all staff members to plan and implement appropriate Title I intervention/remediation programs and parental involvement activities.
  • Demonstrate ability to relate positively with parents and community representatives.
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of written and verbal communication.
  • Demonstrate effective time management and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of literacy and/or mathematics content and the ability to identify and use appropriate pedagogical skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the development of literacy and/or math proficiency.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current theory and research based practices in literacy and/or mathematics, differentiated instruction, and assessment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common and formative assessments, screening tools, progress monitoring, and procedures in developing intervention plans for diverse populations of students.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess individual needs and performance and to use the results to inform instructional planning.
  • Demonstrate ability to develop and present high quality literacy and/or mathematics parental involvement activities.
Education and Experience:
·         Hold licensure in level of assignment (Elementary:  K – 5).
·         Provide evidence of significant participation and implementation into practice of research-based professional growth opportunities in intervention and differentiated instruction. 
·         Have at least five years of successful experience in the level assignment.
·         Have a keen understanding of the developmental nature of reading and/or mathematics instruction.
Education and Experience (cont):
·         Have experience working with multiple grade levels and differentiated instruction.
·         Have experience in differentiated instructional strategies, using assessment to inform instruction, and in incorporating technology to support teaching and learning.
·         Possess good character and leadership qualities.
·         Demonstrate ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.
·         An applicant who has had prior experience in a related position must have a performance rating which is acceptable to Spotsylvania County for such experience.?

Salary:  This is a 10 month; starting salary TBD.  Additional compensation awarded for credits earned toward advanced degrees.  New employees to Spotsylvania County will be compensated for up to 20 years of experience. 

How to Apply: Follow all instructions to complete a Licensed application

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