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P.O. Box 207
San Carlos, AZ  85550
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MissionWe exist to educate and empower students to become culturally responsive, global Nn’ee
Vision:  We will become an effective student focused learning community graduating culturally confident citizens.
Certificated CTE Business Education Teacher Position Description

JOB TITLE: Career and Technical Education (CTE) Business Education Teacher

REPORTS TO: Principal


Plan, prepare, implement, monitor, and evaluate a quality competency-based Business and Technology CTE (Career and Technical Education) Program leading to the development of student skills sufficient to qualify for entry-level employment and/or post-secondary education using effective instruction with all students.

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter; center instruction on high expectations for student achievement and demonstrate effective teaching practices
  2. Use multiple student data elements for the purpose of assessing student progress, modifying instruction and improving student learning
  3. Communicate and collaborate with parents and the school community for the purpose of fostering individual student success and growth while engaging the families in the instructional program
  4. Exhibit collaborative and collegial practices focused on improving instructional practice and student learning by participating in professional learning communities, showing professionalism, and growing professionally
  5. Plan, organize, and teach a competency-based CTE program in business and technology courses
  6. Manage and advise FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and incorporate FBLA leadership activities into the business and technology curriculum
  7. Develop and maintain program budgets (student fees and FBLA) following district and building guidelines
  8. Foster and manage a safe, positive, and respectful learning environment for the purpose of promoting effective student behavior and success
  9. Demonstrate effective classroom and computer lab management
  10. Assist in development of and participate in activities designed to promote an innovative business and technology program
  11. Develop community and industry partnerships for students
  12. Demonstrate a professional commitment to CTE innovation
  13. Maintain and submit appropriate records (i.e., monthly, semester, and annual enrollment and employment reports)
  14. Order supplies, instructional materials, and equipment necessary for the program
  15. Provide information and counsel students relative to employment, career opportunities and further education
  16. Participate in school, district, regional, and state CTE meeting, District CTE Advisory meetings, and FBLA
  17. Serve as staff representative to CTE Advisory Committee
  18. Work cooperatively with the CTE teachers and building administrators in staffing and scheduling decisions
  19. Maintain accurate records of CTE program completers, Prep College Credit registration and grading, distribution of awards and submit information/records including student progress for all students
  20. Create, refine, and update Business and Marketing CTE frameworks, including Arizona State Standards Skills and Assessments and district assessments
  21. Maintain consistent attendance and conform to regular work hours specified under contract
  22. Share with other staff members the responsibility for school activities and student supervision
  23. Implement and comply with District policies and procedures
  24. Perform appropriate tasks as designated by the principal in relation to the responsibilities listed above
  25. Any other duties can be assigned by the site administration
  1. Knowledge of subject matter/course content and resources relevant to assignment
  2. Knowledge of and skills in using effective instructional strategies and practices
  3. Knowledge of and skills in implementing various formative and summative assessments
  4. Knowledge of entry-level positions for students; potential career opportunities; and postsecondary educational opportunities in the CTE-technical program area
  5. Skilled in computer technology including Microsoft Office
  6. Skills in effective planning and implementation of lessons based upon individual student needs
  7. Skills in managing and promoting positive student behavior
  8. Skills in data analysis to assess, monitor, and inform instruction for student growth
  9. Skills and abilities in organization, time management, and record keeping.
  10. Ability to operate a computer and the skills to learn and utilize software and other technology in instruction
  11. Ability to articulate and implement the Arizona State Standards
  12. Ability to effectively address and meet a wide range of academic, social and developmental needs for all type of learners
  13. Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with other professionals in a team setting
  14. Ability to interact positively and effectively with parents, students, staff, and administrators
  15. Ability to maintain confidentiality
  16. Ability to serve in the extra-curricular activities program
  1. Must possess relevant Arizona State CTE certificate to teach
  2. Must possess Arizona Fingerprint clearance card and Arizona Driving License 

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