Medicaid Specialist

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Job Description:
Coordinate, lead, and manage all aspects of the Medicaid billing process for the school division for all eligible students receiving reimbursable services through the school division.  This position also supports the coordination of all related services staff for Medicaid billing, general bookkeeping skills, and manages reimbursements for the American Sign Language Interpreter grant.

General Office Duties include:

  • Incoming/Outgoing Phone Calls 
  • Incoming/Outgoing Mail
  • Daily Use of Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Power Point, Publisher and Excel
  • General Filing
  • Copying, Scanning and Faxing Documents
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Reserving Conference Rooms
  • Setting up Trainings
  • SYNERGY Student Access
  • MUNIS Finance Access
  • AIM-VA Digital Rights Manager and Access/Orders
  • Destiny Asset Manager District User Access/Entering/Tracking/Reports
  • Securing Educational Interpreters for Meetings and Events Such As:  IEP Meetings, Food Service Meetings, Graduations, Etc.
  • Securing Educational Interpreter Substitutes 

Medicaid Duties includes:
  • Develop and Maintain Medicaid Business Associate Agreement, Chain of Trust, Data Security Plan, Scope of Work, Workforce Confidentiality Agreement between Spotsylvania County Schools and the Department of Medical Assistance Services
  • MES/PRSS Medicaid Website to Submit Claims and Retrieve Remittance Advices
  • Accelify/Frontline Account Manager
  • Health Office Admin Rights
  • ITTC Reports Requested & Retrieved for Student Data Reporting
  • Retrieval of Medicaid Eligibility Reports off of Secured FTP Server
  • SYNERGY Access to obtain SPED Transportation Information and Parental Consent to Bill Medicaid Information
  • UMASS Admin Access to Complete Medicaid Quarterly & Annual Reports
  • Prepare Medicaid Collection of Data and other Data needed for the Annual Medicaid Billing Compliance Report and the Annual Medicaid Cost Report  
  • Daily Communication and Correspondence with Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologists, Nurses and Social Workers regarding Medicaid Caseloads, Medicaid Eligibility, Medicaid Regs and other important Medicaid & Schools Information          
  • Regular Communication and Correspondence with the Virginia Department of Education Medicaid Specialist
  • Attend and/or Participate in Quarterly and Annual Medicaid and Schools Conferences and Training to include Regional Meetings with Regional Coordinators

Coordinator of the RMTS Duties includes:
  • Develop Random Moment Time Study Participant Spreadsheet prior to the start of each School Year and update each quarter throughout the School Year
  • Maintain Random Moment Time Study Data Base and Spreadsheet
  • Daily monitoring of Random Moment Time Study Participation Reports 
  • Daily correspondence, Trouble shooting and Training RMTS Participants
  • Regular correspondence with UMASS Random Moment Time Study contact rep
  • Responsible for relating Random Moment Time Study Updates to Participants

ASL Educational Interpreter Duties includes:
  • Maintain Educational Interpreter Library of Materials 
  • Maintain Educational Interpreter Library Spreadsheets          
  • Maintaining Spreadsheet to track Educational Interpreter’s ’15 Day’ Contract Requirement
  • Process ASL Interpreter Timesheet Employee’s Timesheets
  • Process ASL Interpreter Substitute’s Timesheets
  • Regular correspondence and communication with Spotsylvania County School’s Educational Interpreters
  • Secure Sign Language Interpreter Substitutes for Spotsylvania County School’s Sign Language Interpreters when out of the office

AIM-VA Digital Rights Manager’s Duties include:
  • Responsible for Division’s Compliance with US Copyright Laws
  • Keeping AIM-VA Registration up-to-date
  • Place Orders through the AIM Library at the beginning of the School Year and throughout the School Year on an as needed basis
  • Process Orders Received
  • Delivery of Orders 
  • Retaining Materials through AIM Web-Site 
  • Returning Materials to AIM and NIMAS throughout the School Year and at the end of the School Year when Materials are no longer needed

Follet Destiny Asset Manager Duties include:
  • Work with SPED AT on Destiny Program as needed

Position Assignment:
Office of Student Support Services
Supervisor: Executive Director of Student Support Services
Contract Terms: 12 months

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