Educational Diagnostician for the 2022-2023 School Year

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Position Areas
Special Education


Job Description:
The Educational Diagnostician will be a leader in identifying and recognizing the needs of exceptional learners and be responsible to develop IEP’s, set meeting schedules with parents and staff, coordinate with special education staff and be responsive to students’ needs in order to implement plans and collaborate with classroom teachers to meet learning goals.   

Essential Duties:

  1. Receive student referrals and implement the assessment and evaluation process within state limitations.
  2. Collect and organize relevant assessment data from student’s educational records classroom teacher(s), principal, support staff, and parents. This includes student transition survey data.
  3. Manage meeting schedules and provide all paperwork related to the invitation process. 
  4. Develop student’s Individual Education Plans (IEP) and ensure that drafts are received by all necessary stakeholders.   
  5. Collect and review cumulative files of incoming students and research educational records.  Facilitate meetings related to special education and child study team referrals including transfer and transition meetings.
  6. Coordinate outside agencies with the needs of the student and in alignment with the Individual Education Plan IEP, this includes scheduling evaluations and transition services.  
  7. Maintain updated student audit files and any related documentation to support students’ needs to be in compliance with state requirements. 
Performance Standards: 
1. Guide the learning process toward achievement of curriculum goals and implementation of personal learning plans of students.
2. Effectively plan and organizing for instruction by working together with the special and regular education teacher  as needed, and sharing information and insight about student growth/needs.
3. Communicate with administration, teachers, and parents about the needs and progress of the student.
 4. Maintain communication logs and progress monitoring data for each student in your caseload.
5. Update and maintain all records for special education students and comply with all special education regulations as determined by the Delaware Department of Education.  
6. Use accepted data sources, classroom observation, and input from parents, teachers, and associated school professionals to develop IEP’s that meet needs and work towards academic, social, and behavioral growth for individual students.
Required Education/Skills:
  • Successful candidates will be certified by the State of Virginia and have a Continuing License with Special Education Certification 
  • Candidates must demonstrate a firm knowledge of special education laws and requirements, 
  • Candidates must demonstrate leadership skills and experience in a leadership role.    
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working in special education.
Position Assignment:
  • Office of Student Support Services
  • Supervisor(s): Executive Director of Student Support Services and the Coordinator of School Psychological Services
  • Contract Terms: 10 months with a starting salary of $45,306

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