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Athletic Trainer
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  • Name: Joe Atwood
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Purpose Statement
The job of Athletic Trainer is done for the purpose/s of developing in cooperation with the coaches players' off-season fitness programs and/or implementing flexibility and strength training sessions to prevent injury and improve players' skills; preparing players for practices and competition; providing supervision of students during all aspects of their participation in sport activities; evaluating medical conditions of student athletes; administering first aid and treatment to student athletes; and orienting student athletes, their parents and coaches regarding potential health risks and injury prevention strategies. Individuals in this job classification are assigned to a position at the Varsity, JV/Frosh or Junior High level.
We are looking for a dedicated Athletic Trainer who will be invested in the success of our athletes. The Athletic Trainer will work with medical professionals and coaches to evaluate athletes' condition, fitness, and treatment, and track progress towards health and fitness goals. 

To be a successful Athletic Trainer, you should be committed to ensuring athletes accomplish their health and fitness goals and receive the proper training and treatment. You should be caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about the success of your athletes.

Athletic Trainer Responsibilities:
Working with coaches, athletes, and medical professionals to evaluate the player condition.
Speaking to coaches, family members, and athletes to help the recovery process after and injury.
Designing training and rehabilitation programs for athletes.
Using knowledge of sports-related injuries to diagnose and treat athletes.
Referring athletes to another doctor or other medical staff members.
Assisting and monitoring injured players as they heal and progress towards recovery.
Maintaining records relating to athlete condition and training, and treatment plans.
Handling clerical tasks, such as maintaining inventory, tracking physicals, or restocking supplies.

Athletic Trainer Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and a valid state license or certification.
Proven education or experience may be desired.
Strong understanding of the challenges athletes face, sports injuries, and treatment options.
Understanding of first-aid treatments, massage, and physical therapy techniques and equipment.
Detail-oriented, analytical, and attentive.
Excellent interpersonal, problem solving, decision making, and communication skills.

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