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This posting is for state employees who are interested in substitute teaching under the governor's recent executive order. 

On behalf of all of Team Tulsa, thank you for your interest in serving our district as a volunteer substitute. We want you to know we value your time and have tried to make this process as simple as possible for you. As your next step, you will be filling out an abbreviated version of our standard substitute teacher employment application. 

Please be aware: 

  • – Although the form you are about to complete is called an application and lists “substitute teacher” as your desired employment vacancy, by filling out this form, you are not applying for employment with Tulsa Public Schools, as a substitute teacher or otherwise. 
  • – The volunteer application process involves a criminal background check, which you will have to pass to be approved to volunteer with our students. 
  • – If you are approved to serve as a volunteer substitute in our school district, you will not be considered an employee of Tulsa Public Schools or paid by Tulsa Public Schools for your services. You will be serving Tulsa Public Schools as an employee of the state agency you work for and compensated solely by that agency for your services. 
  • – You are required to notify us immediately if your employment with your state agency employer ends. 

Again, thank you for your willingness to serve the students of our district in this most important way! 

If you are not a state employee, please DO NOT complete this application! Instead, please apply via our regular substitute teacher application.

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