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North Davis Preparatory Academy (NDPA) is now accepting applications for a Speech-Language Technician. This position is a part-time position and will be working up to 20 hours per week.

North Davis Preparatory Academy is Utah’s first International Spanish Academy. Every NDPA student studies Spanish and experiences learning with international teachers. NDPA has more teachers from Spain than any other school in the United States and Canada. The vision of North Davis Preparatory Academy is to develop a love of learning, experience high academic achievement, and enjoy high bi-literate proficiency.

Under the supervision of a speech-language pathologist (SLP), the speech-language technician (SLT) is responsible for providing services to assigned students according to federal, state, and district guidelines. The SLT may execute specific components of a speech and language program as specified in treatment plans developed by the SLP. Goals and objectives listed on the treatment plan and implemented by the SLT as well as assistance with screening and testing.

Duties associated with this position include, but are not limited to: a. Assist the SLP with speech, language, and hearing screenings without clinical interpretation. b. Assist the SLP during assessment of students, patients, and clients exclusive of administration and/or interpretation c. Follow documented treatment plans or protocols developed by the supervising SLP. d. Document student performance (e.g., tallying data for the SLP to use; preparing charts, records, and graphs) and report this information to the supervising SLP. e. Program and provide instruction in the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices. f. Demonstrate or share information with patients, families, and staff regarding therapy strategies developed and directed by the SLP. g. Assist with clerical duties, such as preparing materials and scheduling activities, as directed by the SLP. h. Perform checks and maintenance of equipment. i. Assist with departmental operations (scheduling, recordkeeping, safety/maintenance of supplies and equipment).

North Davis Preparatory Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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