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Clinical Faculty Associate (CFA) 
BYU/Public School Partnership
Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling (CITES)  
Beginning Date:  August 2022 
Closing Date:  Friday, January 21, 2022 @ 11:30pm

Professional Experience

  • Certification/Licensure (ECE/ELED)
  • A minimum of five years of successful teaching experience with elementary students.
  • Capacity for teaching and mentoring preservice teachers.
  • Currently employed with Alpine School District.
  • An excellent history of positive collaboration with community, school, and university personnel.
  • Evidence of exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • An understanding of current literature, trends, and issues in teacher education.
  • An understanding of and commitment to the BYU/Public School Partnership (see “The Vision of the BYUPSP” document attached).
  • A commitment to the simultaneous renewal of public schools and teacher education.
  • Capacity for managing interns, student teachers and practicum programs.
  • A pattern of effective supervision and mentoring of university students in field settings.
  • Assist in the teaching of practicum seminar courses.
  • Assist district liaisons and content method professors in coordinating and supervising related practical experiences, including Field Friday experiences.
  • Assist in the teaching of a content methods course (including observation, co-teaching, and potentially as instructor of record).
  • Assist in providing appropriate professional development for affiliated school personnel.
  • Develop a program of personal professional development.
  • Participate in all university, school of education, department and school partnership meetings, including the University Conference Week held the week before the fall semester begins, as well as April graduation.
  • Communicate program components and university expectations to university faculty members, school personnel and administrators, and practicum students.
  • Assist with the selection of Professional Development Teachers (mentors, intern facilitators, etc.) at related sites.
  • Build positive relationships with school personnel, university faculty members, and preservice students.
  • Mentor practicum students, student teachers, and interns.
  • Assist with the preparation and submission of summative reports for preservice teachers.
  • Conduct ongoing reviews of preservice teacher performance and maintain progress records of practicum students, student teachers, and interns.
Action Research
  • Assist with the implementation of the Teacher Education Department Evaluation Plan.
  • Assist with the gathering and analysis of data related to the Department Evaluation Plan.
  • Conduct inquiry and research project.
Term of Service
  • The appointment as a CFA is a two year appointment.
  • The CFA completes a standard Alpine School District teaching contract (though the start and end dates are slightly adjusted to align with BYU start and end dates; CFAs are expected to work Fall and Winter semesters, as well as Spring term, mid-August through mid-June, though there may be some instances when work extends further into the summer, usually in conjunction with a light spring load)
  • A CFA on a standard Alpine School District contract is expected to work full-time for the duration of the specified contract period.
  • At the conclusion of the assignment, a CFA is expected to return to a position in the district from which he or she was recruited for a minimum of one year.
Graduate Courses
  • The CFA may apply for a graduate education program or an endorsement offered by the Teacher Education Department.
  • Any CFA admitted to a graduate program in the Teacher Education Department has limited release time to complete day classes during each semester.  Spring and summer terms offer the most flexible day school hours.
  • The CFA is not released from Teacher Education responsibilities to complete classes or fieldwork required in other graduate programs.
Funding/Line Authority
  • Funding for the CFA position is provided jointly by the BYU/Public School Partnership and the school district.  CFA checks are issued by the school district on the regular district salary schedule.
  • The CFA is employed by the BYU/Public School Partnership under the direction of the Teacher Education Department Chair, District Liaison, and campus faculty team.

Application Procedure:  
  • After completeing your application with Alpine School District, you will need to complete the online application for BYU found at
  • Please look for the job posting for Teacher Education Affiliate Faculty- CFA, Job ID 93966
  • You will need to set up a BYU Net ID if you don’t have one already

The Vision of the Brigham Young University-Public School Partnership: Commitments to Our Future
The BYU-Public School Partnership exists to simultaneously renew public schools and educator preparation through consistent collaborative inquiry, mutual reflection, and positive change involving both university and public schools.

We believe that . . .  
  • public education is the cornerstone of a civil and prosperous democratic community;
  • education is a public imperative, a moral endeavor, and a shared responsibility for all members of society;
  • public schools exist to provide access to education for all, which includes both academic mastery and personal development for the purpose of maximizing students’ potential to participate fully and productively in society;
  • the university supports schools by preparing educators who understand and implement curriculum and instruction that support students’ learning and development and through on-going research and inquiry leading to dialogue and action that directly benefit schools.
The Partnership is committed to the following:   
Civic Preparation and Engagement: the Partnership prepares educators who model and teach the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for civic virtue and engagement in our society.  
Engaged Learning Through Nurturing Pedagogy: the Partnership develops educators who are competent and caring, and who promote engaged learning through appropriate instructional strategies and positive classroom environments and relationships.  
Equitable Access to Academic Knowledge and Achievement: the Partnership develops educators who are committed to and actively provide equitable access to academic knowledge and achievement through rigor and mastery of core curriculum and skills.  
Stewardship in School and Community: the Partnership assists educators in becoming responsible stewards in their schools and communities by dedicating themselves to shared purpose, renewal, and high standards of educator competence and learner performance.  
Commitment to Renewal: the Partnership fosters in educators a commitment to renewal through consistent inquiry, reflection, and action within their professional practice, resulting in continuous improvement.  

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