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The purpose and mission of the Instructional Coach position in the Tooele School District is to provide leadership, coaching, mentoring and training for each school to guide, enhance and improve instruction and increase student mastery.  This is achieved through the following roles:
1. The instructional coach demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and ethical standards to advance the mission, goals and policies of Tooele County Schools. 
2. The instructional coach provides leadership for teachers by training, planning, collaborating, organizing, and mentoring to establish effective, explicit and systematic instruction in every classroom.
3. The instructional coach will actively support and participate in the RTI/PLC learning process and all school collaboration meetings, training and other functions.
4. The instructional coach will actively support and provide training in a comprehensive approach with all content areas and provide training in differentiated and integrated instructional strategies.
5. The instructional coach provides leadership and support to teachers in administering the DIBELS and DRA and support the desegregation of the data and the implications upon instruction. 
6. The instructional coach desegregates, analyzes and presents data to teachers and assists in its interpretation to measure and improve student achievement and program effectiveness.
7. The instructional coach provides knowledge of appropriate standards, content, materials, and resources; as well as actively supports and provides needed training in all subject areas.
8. The instructional coach facilitates the use of research-based teaching strategies and best practices to address the needs of teachers and school goals.
9. The instructional coach provides staff development needed to implement the school’s strategic improvement plan and the Core Curriculum.
10. The instructional coach establishes, maintains and enhances effective communication with school administration, teachers, parents and other stakeholders.
11. The instructional coach observes and works with teachers in their classrooms and provides demonstrations and guidance for the enhancement of teaching and learning situations.
12. The instructional coach will actively support and provide training in the use of instructional technology and other educational tools to enhance and extend instruction in collaboration with District Technology Trainers.
13. The instructional coach will be responsible for the supervision and operation of the ALS program in the school and provide supports in implementing the professional development standards.
14. The instructional coach will promote involvement of, communication with and training for parents.
15. The role of evaluator is the sole responsibility of the principal, and not the instructional coach.
16. The instructional coach performs other duties related to the improvement of teacher instruction and student achievement as determined by the principal.

Work Environment
Works in standard office and school building environments.

Qualifications Profile
Certification/License: AEL, or Associates, or Professional 
State of Utah Math Teacher Certification Level 4 
** Note for Teachers licensed outside of Utah: Reciprocity with other states regarding licensure is not guaranteed and is contingent on fulfilling minimum license and endorsement requirements for Utah. Fore more information about obtaining a Utah license go through  

Master's Degree from an accredited college or university preferred.

At least five years successful teaching experience.

Full Time, 187 days, paid over 12 months
Certified Salary Schedule
Benefit Eligible
8 days sick leave and 4 days personal leave per fiscal year.

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