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Title:  Director of Food Services


PRIMARY FUNCTION:  Under the supervision of the Superintendent, plans, organizes, and directs the District’s Food Service and Nutrition Program and performs related work as required. 

• Plan, organize, and direct the District’s food service and nutrition programs; also develops and

  implements District-wide policies and procedures to assure compliance with federal, State, and local

  laws and regulations. 

• Supervise the Campus Food Service Managers and guide the over-all operation of the District’s Food

  Service and Nutrition programs; must stand-in as Campus Food Service Manager in the event of an

  emergency or extended absence. 

• Assist in the development and preparation of the annual budget for food service operations and

  authorizes expenditures in accordance with established guidelines. 

• Review, interpret, implement, monitor, and supervise regulations, policies, and procedures of the

  National School Lunch Program and Summer Food Service Program and Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP)

• Develop, monitor, and supervise the free and reduced-price meals program in accordance with

  current policies and regulations as required by the State Department of Education and assists by

  problem solving and maintaining records. 

• Researches, assembles, and analyzes information for federal and state reports; gathers required

  supporting documents; prepares detailed reports.  

• Assists the teaching staff with nutrition resources to integrate nutrition in the classroom. 

• Assists the Campus Food Services Managers with the planning, development, and supervision

  activities of the central kitchen, school cafeterias, snack bars, and contracts for food services. 

• Participates in the selection of the food service staff. 

• Assists in developing and conducting orientation, training, and instruction seminars for new personnel

  in the nutrition service operations; assists with supervision and evaluation of food service staff and

  the operation of the food warehouse facility and delivery routes. 

• Provides standards for the quantity, quality, and nutrition of food prepared and served. 

• Directs the selection of foods and supplies, and coordinates and checks for proper storage and

  efficient use; inspects food for quality. 

• Coordinates with the Campus Food Services Managers and oversees the menu planning to ensure

   adequate nutrition and dietary balance needs are met. 

•  Prepares bids and specifications for food, supplies, and equipment; compares bids for quality, price,

    and service and recommends award. 

•  Develops and recommends food price schedules. 

•  Prepares written and oral reports and maintains records.

•  Communicates with school administrators, district personnel, parents, and outside organizations;

   resolves issues and conflicts and exchanges information. 

• Operates a variety of office equipment including a computer and related software; operates a variety

   of kitchen equipment as necessary; operates District vehicles. 

•  Performs other duties as assigned. 




High School Diploma or equivalent; business background or related field. Certification(s) in Food Services.

Experience in food service supervision or in institutional management involving planning and preparation of food in large quantity.

Licenses and Other Requirements
Food Safety Certification; Safe Serve 



Knowledge of 

1. Operational characteristics, services and activities of a comprehensive school district food service program. 

2. Organization and management practices as applied to the analysis and evaluation of programs, policies, and operational needs. 

3. Modern and complex principles and practices of program development and administration. 

4. Principles and practices of budget preparation and administration, principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation. 

5. Pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations including health and safety rules and regulations pertaining to food establishments, including sanitation and
    maintenance regulations. 

6. Principles of quantity food preparation and food merchandising. 

7. Nutritional and operational requirements of the National School Lunch Program and other related federal and state regulations including, but not limited to, the evaluation of
    applications for free and reduced price meals for needy students.

8. Procedures used in ordering, receiving, storing, and inventorying food and supplies. 

Ability to

1.. Meet physical requirements necessary to safely and effectively perform required duties.

2. Follow oral and written directions. 

3. Get along with co-workers and deal with the general public tactfully, courteously, and professionally. 4. Plan, organize, and administer the Food and Nutrition program of the District. 

5. Provide leadership in nutrition education and food service. 

6. Direct the operation of all phases of the food service operation and nutritional standards. 

7. Direct a comprehensive program of staff development. 

8. Analyze problems, develop sound problem solving models and solutions. 

9. Gather, analyze, and evaluate data, read and understand technical materials, policies, and reports. 

10. Develop and monitor work schedules. 

11. Operate a motor vehicle. 

12. Assure compliance with federal, State, and local laws and regulations. 

13. Direct a school nutritional program. 

14. Direct the maintenance of a variety of reports and files related to assigned operations and activities. 15. Prepare comprehensive narrative and statistical reports. 

16. Work independently with little direction. 

17. Plan and organize work. 

18. Meet schedules and timelines. 

19. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 

20. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others and deal with the

      general public tactfully, courteously, and professionally.

21. Supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff. 

22. Dispense effective feedback in a manner that inspires accountability among colleagues. 

23. Negotiate skillfully in difficult situations and create solutions to promote compromise. 




• Office and kitchen/cafeteria environment. 

• Driving a vehicle to conduct work. 

• Contact with a variety of individuals. 

• Constant interruptions.


Physical Demands 

• Sit and stand for extended periods of time. 

• Reach in all directions. 

• Ability to lift 30 pounds maximum and carry objects weighing 30 pounds. 

• Bend, twist, kneel, and stoop. 

• Write legible reports. 

• Read notes, memos, and printed material. 

• Speak clearly and communicate effectively.

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