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Director of Finance Job Description 

Job Title: Director of Finance 

Credentials: CPA or SFO preferred 

Education: Bachelor’s degree in accounting or business administration preferred. 

Training or experience required: Extensive (4-7 years) knowledge and experience in  accounting, finance and/or business analysis is required.  

Experience in a public school setting preferred. 

Site: Administrative Services Center 

Reports to: Chief Financial Officer 

Contract: 260 days 

Salary Schedule: Support Off-Scale - commensurate with experience  

FLSA Classification: Exempt 

Essential Job Functions may include the following: 

  •  Assist the CFO with the administration and oversight of all district expenditure and revenue  records and financial reporting requirements. 
  •  Prepare and maintain district budget reports. 
  •  Utilize Oklahoma Cost Accounting System (OCAS) to properly code and manage district  revenue and expenditure reporting to the State Department of Education. 
  •  Provide training and guidance to district staff regarding all site and departmental budgets,  ensuring strong understanding of their roles and responsibilities related to receipting and  expending of all funds. 
  •  Perform internal audits to ensure financial procedures are being followed at school sites.
  •  Assist the CFO with identification, analysis, implementation, and improvement of the  Business office processes and accounting procedures. 
  •  Develop training documentation for process and procedures for users of financial programs  in various departments to ensure efficient and effective use of all financial software.
  •  Assist with monthly and fiscal year end closing which requires reconciliation and financial  analysis. 
  •  Assist the Director and Administrative Assistant for Federal Programs with monitoring and  tracking financial activity to ensure that allocations are accurate and that federal  expenditures are within budgets.
  • Effective 2021-2022 school year 
  •  Provide training and guidance to ensure federal program claims for reimbursement are  requested and received.  
  •  Assist the Administrative Assistant for Federal Programs resolve any general ledger and  federal program claim discrepancies. 
  •  Ensure that proper federal guidance, policies, procedures and other details for the district  are followed for federal programs. 
  •  Assist staff with requisitions and the processing and conversion of purchase orders. ? Reconcile monthly payroll reports and submission of member contributions to the OK  Teacher Retirement System. 
  •  Supervise procedures for coding, monitoring and tracking fixed assets and inventory items. ? Stay abreast of accounting requirements mandated by the State or federal government.  Update system procedures as needed to meet new legal requirements and technological  enhancements. 
  •  Work closely with independent auditors during audit of all accounts and records with the  district. Work to correct any audit exceptions or concerns in district. 
  •  Maintain memberships with professional/education associations and attend meetings for  continued professional development in the field of school business. 
  •  Perform other duties as assigned. 

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities: 

Communication Skills (oral, written, or business): Must have a knowledge of grammatical structure,  vocabulary for preparing correspondence from rough draft or proofing of completed material.  Communicate in a clear, grammatically correct manner. In addition to above, compose  correspondence, train and direct others and provide complex instructions. Conduct interviews as  needed. Must use creativity; make public presentations and provide complex letters and reports. 

Mathematical Skills: Perform routine computations requiring a knowledge of addition, subtraction,  multiplication, and division using whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages.  

Reading and Interpreting: Read and interpret complex written and printed materials such as bid  proposals, regulations, contracts, balance sheets/ledgers, etc. 

Technology: Operate software with sophisticated retrieval, storage, and merging capabilities. Must  be familiar with electronic fund accounting systems. 

The successful employee is expected to model the district’s core values of integrity, inclusiveness,  collaboration, and optimism.

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