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School Testing Specialist
Location: Mecklenburg County High School
Reports to: Principal of MCHS
Position Purpose:
The purpose of the school testing specialist is to oversee all state and local testing for the school. The school testing specialist is responsible for training all staff on proper testing procedures and ensuring the security of all testing materials. Additionally, the school testing specialist will be responsible for analyzing student achievement data for the school. The school testing specialist will also be responsible for overseeing the intervention, remediation, and tutorial activities at the school.
Essential Functions (The following list is illustrative of both broad and specific tasks and responsibilities. It is not intended to detail every task or responsibility.):

  • Serve as the School Test Coordinator for all national and state assessment programs. This includes but is not limited to SOLs, SATs, ACTs, PSATs, NCRC, Workkeys, SGAs, Benchmarks, Governor’s School testing and other certification tests.
  • Coordinate and implement building-level testing procedures and protocols for national and state testing, and for local testing as applicable.
  • Conduct procedural training for all school test examiners and proctors.
  • Prepare all necessary orders for school testing materials.
  • Maintain security of testing materials while materials are in the building.
  • Count, distribute, collect and package testing materials.
  • Assist administrators in reporting irregularities.
  • Organize Standards of Learning (SOL) testing for retake students.
  • Maintain records of students using substitute tests for SOL verified credits.
  • Collaborate with Case Managers to ensure students with IEPs and 504s receive the appropriate testing accommodations.
  • Oversee the distribution of test results.
  • Track student SOL failures and test retakes for the SOL assessments and alternate assessments.
  • Assist with analyzing national, state and local assessment data as it relates to the school, to individual student achievement and to the improvement of instruction.
  • Review assessment data with teachers, individually and with departments, grade levels, or instructional teams.
  • Conduct parent, teacher, and student information sessions concerning testing, remediation, and tutorial programs/classes.
  • Schedule intervention, remediation, and tutorial activities.
  • Maintain all necessary and appropriate records.
  • Review and track attendance and academic progress of students being served in remediation, intervention and tutorial programs to determine progress and the need for adjustments.
  • Manage enrollment of students in Virtual Virginia.
  • Mentor and track virtual students’ progress toward course completion.
  • Collaborate with administrators and school counselors to ensure virtual students are meeting their educational goals.
  • Collaborate with the Technology Department to ensure virtual students have access to the necessary technology resources to be successful.
  • Attend, as necessary and appropriate, training sessions and site meetings related to assigned responsibilities.
  • Perform additional duties related to assigned responsibilities and essential functions as approved by the Principal, Division Testing and Accountability Specialist and Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, or other duties as assigned by the principal in extenuating circumstances.
  • Strong knowledge of instructional classroom strategies, student academic assessment, remediation activities/strategies, and data use, analysis, interpretation and display
  • Strong communication, organizational, and writing skills
  • Ability to motivate, encourage, challenge students to participate in remediation, intervention, and/or tutorial programs
  • Demonstrate initiative and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Leadership qualities to provide professional development
  • Knowledge of the school improvement process
  • Knowledge of the Virginia Assessment System and its programs, protocols, and procedures
  • Technological proficiency with Windows, Microsoft Office, and experience using spreadsheets and database systems
  • Familiarity with the Virginia Standards for Accrediting Schools.
  • Associate Degree minimum. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • Five years of experience in a school setting assisting with classroom instruction, tutoring, or remediation services. 
  • A comparable amount of training and experience may be substituted for the minimum qualifications.
  • Moving, packing, unpacking boxes of testing materials (30-50 pounds)
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks.
Possession of a valid driver’s license
FLSA Status:       Exempt
Contract Days: 10-month teacher contract

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