K-3 Math Instructional Coach

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K-3 Math Coach Job Description
The K-3 Math Coach working under the direction of Curriculum Director will provide job-embedded professional learning for K-3 classroom teachers. This will come in the form of K-3 faculty, grade level, and individual learning opportunities utilizing full coaching cycles as outlined in the TCSD Coaching Model. The goal of this position is to have a positive impact on student growth in Mathematics through their work with and support of K-3 classroom teachers. Goals for direction will come from TCSD Math goals, school level math goals, School Improvement Plan, and the individual learning needs of K-3 teachers in the Mathematics content area.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education (or successful completion of an ARL program)
  • Utah Professional Teaching License
  • 5 years experience teaching in a K-6 classroom 
  • Ability to work across and with 2 TCSD schools
  • Elementary Mathematics Endorsement, Elementary STEM Endorsement, or Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement
  • Master’s Degree with a concentration in Elementary Mathematics
  • Instructional Coaching Endorsement
  • Previous Coaching Experience
  • The primary responsibility of math coaches is Full and Ongoing Coaching cycles that include pre-conferencing/planning with teachers, modeling/demonstrating lessons, co-teaching lessons with teachers, post-conferencing to determine next steps in the learning process for both teachers and students. (At least 50% of each day is spent in classrooms.)
    • Focused on Teacher growth in an effort to positively impact student learning
    • Preconference
      •  Identify areas of need
      • Plan lessons together
    • Gather Data
      • Observe (Observation is not to be performed outside of coaching cycles and is meant to gather information for next steps in the coaching process.)
    • Provide Coaching and Job Embedded Professional Development by Modeling/demonstrating new teaching strategies, routines, and other use of materials in classrooms with students present. (Coteach depending on where the teacher is in their process)
    • Debrief/Post-conference

  • Next steps: Plan for continued support throughout implementation of strategies and skills
  • K-3 Assessment Support
  • This includes but not limited to supporting teachers in:
  • K-3 Acadience Testing
  • Data Analysis to determine Tier I, II, and III support needed for students
  • Identify Appropriate Interventions
  • Active Progress Monitoring with support for teachers to respond to the data
  • K-3 Professional Development
  • This includes whole and small group, but the primary professional development that a coach will provide is job-embedded through in-class modeling as a part of ongoing coaching cycles.
  • PLC: Math Coaches are active participants of grade level and school PLCs.
  • Develop/deepen own content knowledge of literacy theory and exemplary practices-whole-group and small-group differentiated instruction for grades K-3. Extend literacy competencies through active participation in District Level Professional Learning Opportunities.


Full Time, 187 days, paid over 12 months
Certified Salary Schedule
Benefit Eligible
8 days sick leave and 4 days personal leave per fiscal year.

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