High School Math Teacher: DSST Public Schools (#295074)

Posted 3 months ago

High School Math Teacher

DSST Public Schools (DSST) seeks a High School Math Teacher to join one of the leading charter school organizations in the nation. We serve 6-12th grade students across Denver and Aurora. Our mission is to transform urban public education by eliminating educational inequity and preparing all students for success in college and the 21st century.

Overview of Position:

DSST Public Schools seeks teachers with a track-record of raising student achievement to join a team of educators dedicated to providing a rigorous college preparatory program to a diverse population. Our teachers are leaders who play an integral role in ensuring student success through supporting our school culture, developing and instructing a rigorous core curriculum, and using data to drive their daily practice. Our math teachers teach students to see and use math in real life- while upholding the understanding that math is something we understand, not just something we do. We believe all students can be mathematicians and inspire them to see themselves as such.

Our curriculum map is as follows:

6th Grade Common Core Math 7th Grade Common Core Math Integrated Algebra I and Geometry I Integrated Algebra I and Geometry II Algebra II Pre-Calculus AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC There is flexibility in terms of where students are placed along the math curriculum according to performance and preparedness. All students complete Pre-Calculus by the time of graduation. We will inquire about your grade level and campus specific preference at the time of interview.

Essential Functions:


Demonstrate relentless drive to improve the minds and lives of students Take holistic accountability for student success- taking ownership of each student’s academic success or failure. Reinforce the school’s core values, guiding philosophy, rules and school spirit.

Classroom Teaching

Exhibit mastery and enthusiasm for the assigned academic subjects and classes Work closely and collaborate with other teachers within the school and throughout the DSST network Teach 3-5 classes a day of various lengths depending on the DSST campus and subject area Average 150+ minutes of plan time per day Plan lessons and implement targeted curriculum and assessments for each student which adheres to the school's curriculum and standards. Keep an up-to-date gradebook for each class Work to implement and master DSST Public Schools’ core instructional practices

Data and Analysis

Implement a variety of targeted assessments and perform a root cause analysis that measure progress towards learning outcomes and that adhere to the DSST Assessment Framework. Use assessment data to adapt curriculum and instructional practices to help students meet the school's performance standards. Such use of data includes re-teach weeks, spiraling skills, and changing daily instruction to meet student needs.

Professional Development

Participate in weekly feedback sessions with an instructional coach Devote the necessary time and energy required to master the craft of teaching. To be open to innovative approaches to teaching, feedback from colleagues and school administration. Actively participate in the school’s professional development programs including data analysis and planning, leading and participating in best practice sessions, peer coaching, and attending conferences. Additional Duties:

School Life

Model, live, and reinforce the school’s core values and policies inside and outside the classroom with colleagues, students, parents, and the larger community. Student Advisor Perform as an advisor to a small group of advisees by overseeing their academic and student life. Taking attendance Checking homework completion Holding regular academic and behavioral conferences Meeting with advisee’s parents and communicating with families regularly Leading reading and culture circles Leading weekly Advisory activities and lessons. Grade level “House” teammate Participate in weekly meetings to support student culture and academics for the whole grade Data tracking and observations in between meetings will be likely Participate in planning and execution of grade level events Weekly Staff Meetings Participate in weekly whole school staff meetings to support school culture, and teacher initiatives Participate in planning and proctoring extra teacher “duties” throughout the week Lunch Duty Morning Duty After School Duty Academic Interventions College Prep Mandatory Tutoring Behavioral Support Intervention Refocus **there may be additional duties depending on the DSST campus**