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Position Areas
Pupil Services


 Location:  Phoenix
 Employee Status:  Temporary
 Hours Per Week:  As Needed
 Work Calendar:  As Needed
 Number of Positions   Available:  3
 Pay Rate:  $17.60-$23.6671
 Other:   Language Proficiency Test Required 
Position reports to the Director of Deaf Programs and will be responsible for some or all of the listed duties and/or additional duties that occur from time to time.
Provide interpreting services in-person or remotely for the Administration and Agency staff and students, the community and students’ families. Settings and topics of interpretation include, but are not limited to, educational meetings (IEP/MET), educational trainings (i.e. best practices, IDEA, etc.), parent conferences/meetings (i.e. home visits, behavioral meetings, etc.), agency sponsored family/community events, classroom and/or outside of class extracurricular activities for students, video or online media and/or public relations, and possible reciprocal interpreting with other state agencies/organizations.
Provide text or video translation for agency documents, including some legal and/or medical documentation, flyers or other media publications, letters and other communications between the Agency and outside entities.
Flexibility in scheduling is preferred, which may include night and weekend work, as well as travel around Arizona.
Additionally, this position may manage and arrange interpreting for Spanish-English Interpreting, as well as other foreign languages, as needed when a lead interpreter is not present or selected.
  • Previous experience interpreting for children and/or adults in paid or voluntary positions
  • Associates degree (or equivalent) or higher preferred, however not required
  • Regularly participates in professional development courses and workshops
  • Must be able to pass FBI and State background check
  • Defensive Driver Training Program to be completed by all agency personnel that drive on state business
  • Show Proficiency in interpreting skills through one  of the following: Certification, Degree in Interpreting/Translation, or Certificate in Interpreting/Translation
**In the event that the agency considers an application without any o the noted proficiencies above, then the interpreter will be placed on a limited term professional development plan. This plan must include the following: term period, proof of minimum of 24 hours of interpreter training/professional development annually, and documentation of the plan.
  • Policies, procedures and programs of the immediate work unit
  • Principles and practices of administration and management
  • Agency or program rules, regulations, and operating procedures
  • Ethics for interpreters
  • Office practices, procedures, and related software (specifically Microsoft programs and Google platform/apps)
  • Applicable community resources, and culturally appropriate communication and practice
  • Demonstrates ethical standards of practice, emphasizing confidentiality
  • Understanding and utilizing a variety of communication modes
  • Organizing and planning
  • Communicate information and ideas effectively so that others will understand
  • Convey the message, evaluate the receiver’s comprehension of the interpretation, and adjust/modify as needed
  • Meet the physical and mental demands of interpreting
For more information contact the Recruiter at:
Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation such as a sign language interpreter or an alternative format by contacting the Recruiter. Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange the accommodation.
Arizona State Government is an EOE/ADA Reasonable Accommodation Employer.


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