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Under the direction and guidance of the Principal, the Assistant Principal is responsible for assisting with administering all aspects of the total school program by providing educational leadership for students and staff consistent with Division goals.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: In unison and collaboration with the Principal, the Assistant Principal is responsible for the following:


Sets meaningful and significant goals in order to increase student learning and achievement, involving faculty, staff, parents/guardians, and community in the process

Shares goals with all stakeholders

Helps the faculty set goals based on student needs through identified data sources

Follows plans and works throughout the year to achieve goals


Administers, monitors, and evaluates the instructional program of the school

Organizes and conducts a program of instructional leadership and evaluation, including classroom and teaching observations

Implements curriculum and establishes educational objectives consistent with division goals

Ensures the effective use of supplies, materials, and equipment

Develops an efficient system of student and program appraisal, recommending changes as needed to meet student needs and improve student learning and achievement

Evaluates pupil progress using standardized tests and other data sources; and uses the results for continuous program improvement

Shares with the Superintendent recommendations for improving the curriculum

Prepares master schedule and assigns pupils to classes for optimum learning experiences

Evaluates grading practices and student progress with members of the faculty

Assists teachers in planning field trips and using community resources

Facilitates teacher professional growth and recertification planning and activities


Provides leadership to and supervises teachers, paraprofessionals, classified staff members, and other resource and service personnel working in the school

Monitors staff attendance and takes corrective measures when necessary

Sets performance standards for all staff that reflect expectations regarding job responsibilities

Monitors and assesses performance in accordance with approved evaluation procedures

Visits classrooms regularly, carrying out the division plan for formal and informal visits

Advises staff members of needed improvements and makes commendations as appropriate

Solves problems between and within the staff

Provides for and promotes effective meetings and professional development for teachers

Assists in the employment of staff

Coordinates the use of subject matter specialists, resource teachers, and other resource personnel

Maintains a clear and effective two-way communication system with all staff


Maintains proper licensure

Assures that teachers are assigned to areas in which they are endorsed

Assures that teachers are making required progress toward completing licensure requirements


Establishes and maintains a safe, orderly, effective environment conducive to learning

Implements and maintains an effective code of acceptable student behavior

Coordinates staff activities to reach consensus on how decisions will be made

Provides feedback and support to teachers and other staff members on professional needs

Resolves concerns in a timely fashion

Informs staff members of pertinent issues of which they should be aware

Establishes procedures by which organizational improvements can be suggested and implemented

Establishes an effective communications program that includes opportunities for faculty and staff

involvement, committees, individual conferences, and internal communication procedures

Provides for student needs by effectively promoting and using student services and resources

Participates in the identification and placement of children with special needs and/or having difficulties in

core areas

Participates in extracurricular activities and special events of the school and division

Establishes an active client feedback system that includes parents, students, and staff


Establishes and maintains an effective school-community relations program, to include a strong emphasis

on parental involvement

Interprets the school program to the community in a positive manner

Maintains a clear and effective two-way communication system between the school and the community,

including an active planning council

Cooperates with community groups and agencies


Adheres to all requirements specified in Danville School Board policies and procedures as well as all federal and state laws

Administers appropriate personnel procedures, to include the division’s Employee Code of Professionalism

Coordinates and administers student personnel services

Maintains student database

Maintains accurate personnel, student, and fiscal records (to include attendance and leave records) in accordance with federal and state laws and with school division policies and procedures

Requisitions needed repairs, materials, and equipment

Conducts safety drills, assumes responsibility for safety within the building, and maintains a safe work environment in accordance with approved procedures

Complies with division, state, and federal financial policies and procedures

Submits required division reports promptly

Monitors and manages the school’s budget and expenditures

Cooperates with the Central Office administrative and supervisory staff for the continuous improvement of the total school program (curriculum, instruction, human resources, staff development, finance, operations, information systems, maintenance, federal programs, special services, and food services).

Ensures that the school’s office is managed effectively


Keeps abreast of new trends and developments in Education

Works with staff in developing professional growth plans and provides opportunity for participation

Develops a personal professional growth plan and participates actively in workshops, in-service activities, and meetings that contribute to professional competence

Performs other duties as required by the Principal, Chief Officer (Instruction), and/or Superintendent


Devotes time and energy effectively to the job

Uses oral communication effectively

Writes clearly and correctly

Is appropriately attired and well-groomed

Listens actively in a conversation or discussion

Exercises good judgment

Works effectively with individuals and groups

Treats others with respect, recognizing their worth and dignity

Responds positively to constructive criticism

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