School Psychologist

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$58,386 - $104,177 per YEAR
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Must hold a license issued by Virginia Department of Education.
The license must be in Pupil Personnel Services License.
The license position area must be in School Psychologist.


JOB TITLE: School Psychologist

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Special Education Director


Apply knowledge and experience in learning, behavior, and mental health to help children succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. Collaborate with teachers, parents, and school personnel to analyze and problem-solve students’ concerns. Provide specialized assistance through the use of consultation; observation; data collection and interpretation; curriculum-based measures; standardized assessments; behavioral assessments; threat and risk assessments; crisis intervention; counseling; research-based academic and behavioral recommendations; and staff development.


* Actively participate on school-based student support / child study teams and special education committees. * Review information; collect and analyze data; and collaborate with educators, parents, and/or students to tailor and monitor interventions to meet the learning, behavioral, and/or social-emotional needs of students. * Select, administer, and interpret scientifically validated psychological and/or psychoeducational assessments to effectively respond to the reason for the referral; identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of students; and determine eligibility for special education services. * Effectively and efficiently communicate assessment results to parents and school-based teams through written reports and verbal presentations. * Serve as a member of the multi-disciplinary team by attending and/or facilitating meetings, discussing evaluation findings with team members, and making appropriate recommendations. * Demonstrate knowledge of special education disability categories by making legally and ethically defensible eligibility recommendations to school-based teams. * Demonstrate knowledge of local, state, and federal legal requirements and policies governing special education and Section 504. * Manage and maintain organization of caseload to meet legal timelines. * Provide individual and/or group counseling interventions to address the unique learning, behavioral, and/or social – emotional needs of students that adversely impact them within the school setting. * Directly assist school personnel with crisis response and intervention. * Demonstrate skills to assess students for imminent risk of harm and to make referrals to appropriate community agencies and/or specialists when needed. * Provide in-service training as needed/requested to assist school personnel to meet the learning and/or mental health needs of students. * Responsible for developing Plans of Care and providing documentation required for Medicaid billing. * Perform other duties as required. Salary Range: $58,386 - $104,177 Position will be posted until filled.

HENRY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Due to limited funds, Henry County Public Schools is unable to sponsor Visas.

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