District STEM Instructional Coaches (2021-2022)

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The STEM Instructional Coach provides school-based leadership to STEM development for all students at the assigned school. The STEM Instructional Coach supports either elementary or middle schools by building teacher capacity and their understanding of STEM instructional practices aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning. The STEM Instructional Coach is responsible for ensuring high-quality instruction in classrooms through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching, and providing non-evaluative feedback to teachers. The STEM Instructional Coach supports teachers and administrators through professional development, coaching, and providing appropriately aligned resources to foster student academic success. This is not a supervisory position and does not include evaluation of colleagues.


Monitors the instructional program provided by STEM classroom teachers and provides ongoing professional learning support and coaching to help teachers improve performance and achieve STEM-related objectives

Supports teachers in ensuring the alignment of their lesson plans and instruction to the appropriate Virginia Standards of Learning and the Curriculum Framework

Facilitates teachers’ use of high-impact, evidence-based instructional strategies, including differentiated instruction for diverse learners

Stays abreast of the latest STEM research, innovations, program trends, and methodologies and implements new strategies as appropriate for the school’s student population

Works with new teachers to ensure they have materials and competencies necessary for success

Observes classroom Mathematics, Science, Technology and Engineering instruction regularly and provides follow-up consultation and written non-evaluative feedback to teachers and administrators

Provides direct support to individual and small groups of students as warranted

Analyzes and uses student performance data to identify and respond to the STEM-related professional learning needs of individuals and groups of teachers

Coordinates the gathering, selecting, and analysis of data with respect to the program area

Assists administrators in identifying school strengths and areas for improvement in STEM and recommends responses that maximize student achievement in STEM development. Takes initiative and proactively identifies opportunities to strengthen one’s team and organization

Works well in a fast-paced environment; demonstrates flexibility and adaptability with a sense of urgency and zeal for ensuring that all students in the school meet grade level expectations (at a minimum) in Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering skills that lead to college, career and civic readiness

Models professionalism, engages in reflection, self-led continuous improvement, seeks out feedback and provides constructive feedback to colleagues

Performs other related duties as assigned


Experience working in diverse settings

Ability to provide intense coaching on the alignment on the written, taught, and tested curriculum

Ability to provide school-level leadership in regards to curriculum, pacing, and resources to support classroom instruction with a deep understanding of the progression of the knowledge, skills, and processes of education as defined in the Virginia Standards of Learning

Ability to analyze data at the student, class, and school levels and be able to help teachers use this data to tailor their instruction and ultimately increase academic performance

Comprehensive knowledge of child growth and development, large and small group instructional strategies, and the theory and pedagogy related to STEM instruction

Extensive experience with innovative teaching techniques, instructional materials, and current trends in the area of STEM

Ability to train teachers in the area of mathematics, science, technology, and engineering strategies

Ability to coach teachers in meeting the diverse needs of students

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