Transportation Services Dispatcher

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Transportation Services Dispatcher

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Successful performance of the job requires good customer service/people skills and to handle problems and provide information and technical assistance as requested. It requires complying with safety guidelines and policies to reduce accidents or injury to staff or to students. It requires following school dress standards, proper attendance or leave policies, and other work-habits concerns for staff. Creativity, initiative and effective problem-solving are critical to the success of the position. Helping to manage the computerization of school district operations and Transportation Services computer programs. Providing training and support to district staff in the use of administrative computer systems. Performing such tasks to the ultimate benefit of the safe and efficient student transportation. 

Daily duties will include but are not limited to:

• Monitoring of vehicle locations utilizing computerized satellite systems
• Screening daily phone communications
• Overview of the fleet capabilities regarding breakdowns and incident response
• Coordinate all radio communications
• Key liaison between Emergency Management Services and Transportation Services involving vehicle location and movement during high priority events
• Video monitoring of Transportation Services location for security purposes
including maintaining visitor login/logout records and issuing badges

An incumbent in this position will utilize discretion, ingenuity and independent judgment due to the complexity of the job. Since there may be several ways to solve a problem, an incumbent is free to choose the solution.  In a workday, the employee must sit 3-5 hours per day; stand/walk 1-2 hours per day. Employee's job requires frequent bending/stooping; squatting/crouching; reaching above shoulders; and do required pushing/pulling. Employee's job may require frequent carrying/lifting of up to 35 pounds and occasional carrying/lifting up to 50 pounds. This job may require the employee to use both hands for such repetitive actions requiring simple/firm grasping and/or fine manipulation. Employees must possess manual dexterity/mobility sufficient to maneuver children in wheelchairs and secure them while riding the bus. Employees must possess visual requirements to observe surroundings and ensure safety of all. Employees must possess hearing/speaking acumen enough to communicate effectively with others. Employees must have the mental capacity to know safety procedures, specific facts of the job and to solve problems. This employee's job may require working outdoors or with temperature changes; employees must demonstrate calm and patience despite the constant influx of information and problem-solving the job requires.

In addition to the above listed duties, this position will also include all primary and collateral duties as assigned by the Director of Transportation.

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