Middle School School Counselor

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Must hold a license issued by Virginia Department of Education.
The license must be in one of the following types: Collegiate Professional License, Postgraduate Professional License, Provisional License, Statement of Eligibility.
The license position area must be in Counselor/Guidance.


General Description:

Provides a full range of professional pupil/student services activities in the areas of academic, personal, career development, and guidance counseling for students at school to which assigned; organized, and assists with the utilization of educational, occupational, and personal development information; plans, schedules, and organizes sequential counseling activities and assessment activities consistent with students’ academic, career, and personal needs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

• Provides a sequential grade and/or age-appropriate program of academic, career development, and/or personal counseling for an assigned group of students. • Counsels students individually or in groups regarding peer/parent relationships, personal problem solving, communication skills, and appropriate social behavior. • Provides supportive counseling for students at high risk to develop adjustment problems, e.g., families in crisis, families undergoing separation or divorce, and single-parent families. • Works with teachers and administrators to assist with the placement of students in appropriate courses, programs, and grade levels. • Participates actively as a member of the Child Study Team. • Provides activities to help students understand themselves and their relationship with others, and seeks to develop in students increased competency in decision-making and problem-solving. • Collects and disseminates to students and their parents' current information on educational and vocational opportunities. • Assists students in the process leading to appropriate post-secondary educational placement. • Provides activities for students to develop job-seeking and job-holding skills. • Works with employers, vocational staff, and community and state agencies to assist in the appropriate placement of students in part-time and full-time employment. • Assists with the coordination of testing sessions and/or serves as the school test coordinator and assists in the interpretation of standardized tests. • Interprets data from the cumulative records for students, their parents, and others who are professionally concerned. • Orients parents toward resources available to them, both within and outside the school system, and serves a resource person to parents and staff on the growth and development of children. • Participates in school-based and non-school-based staff development and in-service training opportunities. • Instructs students on the management of time within a school setting, study skills, and problem-solving techniques. • Cooperates with classroom teachers to facilitate student social/emotional growth through activities in the classroom, which foster understanding of self and others, development of friendships, interpersonal relationships, and decision-making skills. • Provides parents/families with information, consultation, and management techniques to help provide emotional growth and appropriate relationships. • Maintains and coordinates services provided by community resources that can assist and support students and their families. • Provides orientations for new students. • Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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