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Leadership Mission for Department of Teaching and Learning:
Understanding the charge and the goals of the division strategic comprehensive plan regarding instruction, the FCPS Department of Teaching and Learning models how to develop people and workgroups, establishes rapport and creates an effort to bring out the best in people.  We use situational leadership as a strategy to collaborate, adapt to the needs of all stakeholders, and make sound instructional decisions based on data. We showcase the willingness to do anything that needs to be done and fulfill our assigned responsibilities prior to seeking additional duties.
Leadership Beliefs:

  1. We are here to guide instructional best practices while allowing the administrative teams to handle the day-to-day running of the buildings.
  2. We believe that empowerment through unity will enable the department to be viewed as a collaborative entity.
  3. We are able to accept feedback, are willing to reflect, and will seek additional clarification if necessary.
  4. All improvements start with collaboration and are carried out to the best of our abilities.
  5. Decisions begin and end with children as the primary focus.
Job Responsibilities - Directors:
  1. Efficiently collaborate with transparency to other members of the FCPS instructional team in order to continually improve student instructional programs
  2. Seek support from and report to Chief Academic Officer
  3. Supervise/evaluate assigned support/classified staff
  4. Keep CAO informed of any concerns related to areas of responsibility
  5. Frequently communicate success/achievements in areas of responsibility with team members, schools, boards and community
Job Specific Responsibilities - Director of Curriculum and Instruction:

Professional Development:
  1. Assist the CAO with planning, facilitating, monitoring attendance at and seeking feedback regarding division PD events
  2. Work with the HR department to plan the instructional components of FCPS Convocation events
  3. Suggest PD topics to administrative teams in buildings and at central office based on specific needs as identified through instructional visits to FCPS classrooms, PK-12
  4. Serve as point of contact with outside organizations for instructional collaborations leading to professional development including institutes of higher education
  5. Provide training to staff on instructional topics as necessary
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment:
  1. Ensure instructional planners and pacing guides are revised and aligned with Virginia Department of Education curriculum expectations related to content and depth of knowledge
  2. Assist principals with monitoring instruction by completing walk-throughs, informal observations and formal observations
  3. Monitor instructional alignment between schools and across grades consistent with CM/PG documents
  4. Assist school sites with establishment of tiered instruction in reading and math and the required legislation compliance
  5. Oversee and monitor summer programs, PK-12
  6. Collaborate with school administrative teams to secure replacement and distribution of textbooks and resources in accordance to textbook adoption cycles and student needs
  7. Maintain and ensure compliance with the FCPS Gifted Plans including facilitating eligibility meetings
  8. Serve as direct supervisor and evaluate math and literacy coaches to improve student achievement
  9. Collaborate with other Department of Teaching and Learning Directors to ensure vertical alignment of instruction and assessment
  10. Maintain resources and compilation of resources through Department of Teaching and Learning online resource bank
  11. Direct the oversight of all PK-12 instruction consistent with school policy, priorities and culture
  12. Analyze data to determine effective processes and their impact student achievement
  13. Serve as liaison between Department of Teaching and Learning and Technology Department
  14. Monitor and support the IB Diploma Program
  15. Distribute VDOE resource materials and memos to school administrative teams and ensure compliance therein    
School Improvement:
  1. Support schools with instructional data and strategies for improvement in order to improve student achievement each year
  2. Participate in bi-weekly administrative meetings with school assistant principals
  3. Receive, evaluate, and recommend when appropriate instructional proposals that are submitted to the department    

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