Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach

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Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach
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Starting date: July 20, 2021

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  • Name: Mickelle Bos
  • Phone: 801-610-8160 ext. 739751
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Candidates are desired to have experience and knowledge in coaching at the high school, all-star, and/or college levels.

The mission of the program is to generate school spirit and promote sportsmanship at school athletic and other events. A balanced emphasis is placed on success in competition.

This coaching position does not require a teaching certificate. The following is basic information for the Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach position:
Employment Type: Part Time

Job Category:              Classified Postings

Building:                      MOUNTAIN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL

Location:                      665 West Center Street,  Orem, Utah County, UT

Mountain View High School:

Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach--High School Job Description

Mountain View High School is a grade 10-12 comprehensive high school serving over 1,300 students. It is currently classified as a 5A school for athletic competition by the UHSAA and is likely to continue as such. 

Mountain View High School Mission:
To help prepare our students for their future by providing the best education possible. We will do this by:
1.      Endeavoring to graduate every student.
2.      Delivering a college and career readiness education that will prepare our students to take their next step in life.
3.      Offering our students opportunities to be involved in co-curricular, extracurricular and other social experiences that provide a balanced education.
Mountain View High School Vision:
1.      Engage. Achieve. Contribute.
2.      Our vision is to have every student join a club, sports, extra-curricular or co-curricular activity so that they have an engaging high school experience.
3.      We want every student to know that they can achieve great things and that they can do difficult things and be successful. Do your best in everything you do at Mountain View, whether in the classroom, onstage or on the field. 
4.      We want every student to contribute to the success of others and to add to the legacy of excellence that has come to define Mountain View High School.
 Mountain View High School Values/ Beliefs:
We Believe:
1.      There is a place for every student.
2.      We should focus on what we can control.
3.      We can successfully do hard and difficult things.
4.      Everyone has a story.
5.      We are role models.
6.      We instill hope and confidence.
7.      As a community, we help all students succeed and learn at high levels.
Job Summary:
The Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach is responsible for various aspects of the basketball program, such as recruiting within the school, scheduling opponents (in conjunction with the Athletic Director), working with the head basketball coach and other assistant coaches, and coaching student athletes.

The Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach is required to abide by the UHSAA rules and regulations as well as the rules and regulations set by the Alpine School District Board and the athletic administration at Mountain View High School. Beginning July 20, 2021

3 Assistant Coaches. Stipend for each coach dependent on number of years coaching in the high school setting: $2,193 (1-2 yrs), $2,741.25 (3-5 yrs), $3,289.50 (6-10 yrs), $4,386 (11-15 yrs), $4,934.25 (16+ yrs)

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