Data and Assessment Coordinator

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Instructional/Educational Coordination

Must hold a license issued by Utah State Office of Education.
The license must be in one of the following types: Administrative/Supervisory (K-12) (Level 1), Administrative/Supervisory (K-12) (Level 2), Administrative/Supervisory (K-12) (Level 3), Career and Technical Education (Level 1), Career and Technical Education (Level 2), Career and Technical Education (Level 3), Early Childhood Education (K-3) (Level 1), Early Childhood Education (K-3) (Level 2), Early Childhood Education (K-3) (Level 3), Elementary Education (1-8) (Level 1), Elementary Education (1-8) (Level 2), Elementary Education (1-8) (Level 3), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 1), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 2), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 3), Middle Education (5-9) (Level 1), Middle Education (5-9) (Level 2), Middle Education (5-9) (Level 3), School Counselor (K-12) (Level 1), School Counselor (K-12) (Level 2), School Counselor (K-12) (Level 3), Secondary Education (6-12) (Level 1), Secondary Education (6-12) (Level 2), Secondary Education (6-12) (Level 3), Special Education (K-12+) (Level 1), Special Education (K-12+) (Level 2), Special Education (K-12+) (Level 3).
The license position area must be in Assessment.
The license must be in one of the following grades: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.
The license status must be active.



Utah Connections Academy (UCA) is a tuition-free, online public school that serves students in grades K–12 throughout Utah. UCA is authorized under state law by the Utah State Charter School Board and governed by an independent Board of Directors. The school is operated by Utah Connections Academy, a nonprofit corporation, through a contract with Connections Academy of Utah, LLC, to provide its educational program and other services. UCA is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, an accrediting division of AdvancED.

Utah Connections Academy strives to create an inclusive environment that welcomes and values the diversity of the people we serve. We foster fairness, equity, and inclusion to create a workplace environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Position Summary:

Working from our office in Salt Lake City, Utah or your home office, the Data and Assessment Coordinator will be responsible for analyzing data from a wide range of sources with the goal to identify key insights, communicate actionable findings, and assist with implementation of recommendations in order to achieve positive change across the company.

This is a full-time, 12 month role.


Assist in improving and maintaining the full data process, from collection to extraction and be able to become a key voice and stakeholder in ensuring data quality and processes:

Supports Administrative Assistants (Records Management) processing records; Analyze state and school data and create summaries and recommendations for school leadership and Connections Education; Enter data into the online student information system; Assist with reconciliations of state and school systems; Generate reports; Review transcripts and enter data for the Guidance Counselor to assist in student promotions; Processes records requests, withdrawal notifications, and disenrollment letters; Capture and manipulate raw data into more user-friendly formats to support analytics projects; Pull, clean, organize and match large data files from many different systems e.g., PowerBI, Google Analytics and Connexus, our Education Management System; QC data to ensure accuracy, identify anomalies, and investigate the source of the data issues; Compile, analyze, and report data in a timely and efficient manner to the marketing management team and other key stakeholders within the company: Assist in determining reporting needs for the department and company as a whole; Provide insight and recommendations where relevant; Work closely with various departments to implement recommendations; develop process improvements and efficiencies based on analysis results; Work independently and proactively to uncover additional findings and trends with critical business implications; ‘Socialization of analytics’ – increase the quality and quantity of data analysis throughout the company, from understanding of the importance of generating good data, to producing reports to measure key metrics; Respond to additional project requests as required, such as helping with surveys and market research; and Other duties as assigned.

Assist in improving and maintaining the full State Testing process:

Manage and organize all aspects of standardized testing, including: State Testing, English Language assessments, Competency Testing, Advanced Placement testing, ACT/PSAT/SAT testing, among others; Work collaboratively with diverse staff in the planning, organization, and execution of testing for the school, including Director of Counseling, Manager of Special Education, Office Manager, and Principal; Direct a team of teachers to assist in planning and organizing testing; Solicit and tabulate information regarding testing materials and needs for the school for the purpose of assisting in the preparation of the annual testing budget process; Receive, inventory, organize, and disseminate state-mandated tests; retrieve and organize test materials for return to state testing agencies; Prepare and arrange for shipment or pickup and retrieval of testing materials to and from test sites; Order, organize, store, and inventory school wide assessment materials as directed; Communicates often with parents and teachers to coordinate student success in and out of classroom; Organize standardized testing, focusing on finding and booking locations, teacher and student accommodations, managing schedule for the testing, making rosters of students testing for teachers’ information, etc.; Create communication plan that includes timely notifications and organizes relevant information to be shared with staff and parents; Assist in notifying parents of upcoming testing, contacting students who must take various types of tests; Create plan to track registration and provide follow up actions to encourage completion; Track and address participation issues including parent refusal requests; Create plan to work with site leads and facilitate their communication with proctors and parents including regular meetings and communications; Coordinate with Pearson Virtual Schools to order needed technology, make distribution plan for sites, and monitor and adjust as needed; Coordinate and initiate contracts with outside school districts to organize testing at local school district upon parent request; Establishes alternate, quiet placement for students during testing hours; Provide school-wide as well as role-specific training covering all aspects of state testing; Investigates possible areas for improvement with test results, working with teachers on in-classroom tactics to increase scores; Assist with preparation and dissemination of reports to assist leadership and staff in the interpretation of performance data and school/student characteristics; Assist with preparation of test data, School Report Card or other school data; and Other duties as assigned.

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