High School Math Teacher (16-17 School Year)

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Approved to operate a high school by the Achievement School District, Frayser Community Schools provides local leadership that instills pride, transforms poverty-mindsets, and creates economic avenues for the Frayser community – all through highly compassionate and accountable schools that foster a passion and hunger for learning in students.

MLK Prep High School will conduct summer onboarding in July 2016 and is now accepting applications.

All teachers at MLK Prep will demonstrate: -Aligned to MLK College Prep’s mission and vision. -Strong organizational skills with attention to detail and follow-through -Strong analytical and problem-solving skills -Strong communication and negotiating skills -Ability to work well in a team -Exceptional ability to bridge and enhance cooperative working relationships -Ability to create, monitor, and maintain systems that enhance organizational efficiency -Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment; flexible, able to work autonomously as well as take direction as needed -Passion for closing the achievement gap -Ability to motivate, educate and empower all those they serve

Every teacher at MLK Prep is expected to: -Show cultural competencies for the student population served with a nurturing instinct and empathetic spirit -Administer and develops subject specific assessments for the purpose of assessing student competency levels and/or developing individual learning plans -Advise parents and/or legal guardians of student progress for the purpose of communicating expectations, student's achievements, developing methods for improvement and/or reinforcing classroom goals in the home environment -Assess student progress towards objectives, expectations, and/or goals for the purpose of providing feedback to students, parents and administration -Collaborate with instructional staff, other school personnel, parents and a variety of community resources to improve the overall quality of student outcomes and achieve established classroom objectives in support of the school improvement plan -Counsel students for the purpose of improving performance, health status, or other personal issues -Demonstrate and differentiate methods required to perform classroom and/or subject specific assignments to provide an effective program that addresses individual student requirements -Instruct students in a defined course of study to improve their academic success; manages student behavior to provide a safe and optimal learning environment -Monitor students in a variety of educational environments (e.g., classroom, school grounds, hallways, restrooms, field trips) to provide a safe and positive learning environment -Participate in a variety of meetings and professional development activities to convey and/or gather information required to perform functions -Prepare a variety of written materials (e.g., grades, lesson plans following scope and sequence, correspondence with parents and students, examinations and quizzes, attendance, anecdotal records, etc.) to document student progress and meeting mandated requirements -Report incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, suspected substance abuse, harassment, zero tolerance offenses etc.) for the purpose of maintaining personal safety of students, providing a positive learning environment and adhering to state law and board policies. -Respond to emergency situations to resolve immediate safety concerns and/or directing to appropriate personnel for resolution -Respond to inquires from a variety of sources (e.g., other teachers, parents, administrators, students, central office staff, etc.) to resolve issues, provide information and/or direction -Direct assistant teachers, student teachers, instructional assistants, volunteers and/or student workers to provide an effective classroom program and address the needs of individual students -Perform other related duties, as assigned, to support an efficient and effective functioning of the work unit (i.e. lesson plans, creating assessments, scope and sequence, analyzing data) -Support other classroom teachers for the purpose of assisting them in the implementation of established curriculum and/or individual student plans. -Sponsor/ co-sponsor extra-curricular activities. -Attending after-school events (i.e. parent-teacher conferences, school related events, after-school tutoring and/or athletic events).


We offer a generous compensation package. All staff members are equipped with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated workspace, laptop computer, email account, high-speed internet access, and all necessary supplies. Compensation is highly competitive.

Frayser Community Schools does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment.

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