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Job Description
Job Title:       Native American Study of the 39 Tribes Adjunct Classroom Teacher
Credentials: (Preferred not Required) Current Oklahoma Certificate or License with endorsements in either World History/Geography and/or U.S. History/OK History/Government/Economics.
Education:    Bachelor's Degree in Education or related field from College/university recognized by State Board of Education.
Preferred Qualification: Major or minor in Native American Studies
Site:               Norman High School, Norman North High School
FTE:               Part-Time 0.25  (1 hour taught at NHS and 1 hour taught at NNHS)

Reports to:    Coordinator Indian Education, Building Administrators
Supervises:  Students, student teachers, and student aides
Job Goal:  To assist students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the development of positive self-
concepts that will enable them to succeed according to their abilities and become productive and responsible
Communication Skills:  A teacher must possess and demonstrate effective communication skills as he/she exchanges information, gives/receives instructions, responds to inquiries, completes forms, prepares correspondence and must write legibly. A teacher must demonstrate knowledge of grammatical structure, spelling, and vocabulary. A teacher must communicate in clear, grammatically correct English.
Contact with Others:  A teacher has regular contact with patrons, students and staff; interprets and
translates facts and information; explains situations and issues; identifies alternative courses of action; and
maintains confidentiality of sensitive information.
Performance Measures:  A teacher performs skilled, professional level tasks under limited supervision to
provide the appropriate teaching strategies and environment for student learning; develops lesson plans,
teaches, evaluates student progress, assigns grades, accomplishes curriculum objectives; meets with parents
and staff to enhance each learner's achievement and personal growth; utilizes discretion, ingenuity and
independent judgment to meet the challenges of the job.  Establishes guidelines/syllabus with appropriate
instructional objectives; maintains classroom discipline; encourages learning with effective teaching
techniques; promotes the acquisition of skills and knowledge to apply principals, theories and other learning
objectives; monitors student progress (grading, feedback, etc.); provides environment to encourage
independent thinking; and demonstrates care for and effectively assists students with special concerns and
Essential Job Functions:

  1. The ability to actively engage students from a broad spectrum of cultural, academic, socioeconomic, and language backgrounds.
  2. Adept at teaching critical thinking, oral and written communication, and information literacy skills.
  3. Possesses a broad scope and knowledge of subject matter and is acquainted with recent developments in teaching of the subject; participates in and contributes to curriculum development programs, as required.
  4. Understands and applies the principles of child development as related to physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth.
  5. Understands and uses a variety of strategies to facilitate learning and provides many opportunities for participation by all students.
  6. Translates lesson plans into learning experiences that effectively utilize the available time for instruction.
  7. Defines objectives, which contribute to attainment of district and site objectives and adjusts for individual and group differences in the formulation of those goals.
  8. Relates objectives, involves all learners, explains directions, adjusts based on monitoring, guides practice, establishes closure, and demonstrates desired skill.
  9. Makes assignments related to objectives and arranges for differentiated assignments to meet the needs and abilities of students.
  10. Evaluates students' academic growth fairly and impartially, utilizing standardized tests, as well as teacher designed assessments. Administers group-standardized tests in accordance with the district testing program.  Keeps appropriate and accurate records and prepares reports relating to students' progress.  Identifies students' needs. Cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping students solve health, attitude, and learning problems.
  11. Organizes classroom routine to minimize classroom disciplinary problems. Handles all but the most serious classroom disciplinary problems for him/herself. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to achieve a positive functional learning atmosphere in the classroom without negatively impacting other classrooms.
  12. Is familiar with, and abides by, all district policies and procedures. Is familiar with and teaches adopted courses of study. Selects and uses appropriate materials to facilitate teaching and learning of the adopted curriculum.
  13. Maintains building, equipment and supplies in the best possible condition and promotes those same attitudes in students.
  14. Established rapport with students and provides a pleasant, safe and orderly climate conducive to learning.
  15. Maintains professional competence through in-service education activities provided by the district and self-selected professional growth activities. Meets the district requirement for professional development activities.
  16. Supervises students during out of class times in the course of the workday.
  17. Carries out designated share of extracurricular school activities.
  18. Demonstrates professional and ethical attitudes toward the district, the school, employees, and the public.
  19. Demonstrates emotional maturity, initiative and self-reliance. Solves problems. Responds to criticism in a constructive manner.
  20. Develops and maintains open communication. Works cooperatively with administrators, colleagues, students, and parents. Shares ideas, materials, and space. Communicates with parents through conferences and other means to discuss students' progress and interpret the school program.
  21. Demonstrates good judgment in decision making.
  22. Participates in site school improvement planning and faculty committees.
  23. Participates and works on a team with other site educators.
  24. Assists special education students with academic, social and personal needs, as outlined in Individual Education Plans.
  25. Keeps required records in an efficient and legible manner
  26. Presents a professional appearance appropriate to the teaching assignment.
  27. Displays knowledge and understanding of multicultural issues.
  28. Performs other related duties as assigned by the principal.
  29. Performs teaching and reporting requirements identified as part of state and federally funded programs.
Physical/Mental Requirements and Working Conditions: Other than those physical/mental requirements included within the essential functions: Must be able to communicate on the telephone.  Must be able to physically move from area to area at the site.  Must be able to perform playground, lunch, bus and related duties both indoors and out.  Must be able to respond to sick or injured students.  Must be able to demonstrate skills essential to the content area.
Contract Length:     Returning teachers 182 days
                                    New teachers - 182 days + Induction Week
                             Must attend Summer Training
Work Schedule:      TBD

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