Jobs for Virginia Graduates Specialist (2021-2022) - Langston Focus School (Partially Grant Funded)

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Identifies, recruits, and instructs students deemed to have a high degree of difficulty of being promoted into the next grade level, achieving graduation, and/or making a successful transition from school to a career with advancement opportunities.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Provides appropriate curriculum and ensures students achieve specific JAG competencies through classroom instruction; teaches through a variety of methods including lecture, hands-on activities, and team teaching; tailors the program and teaching methods for the needs of each specific student, and implements an intervention strategy for each individual.

2. Ensures an appropriate pool of students by directly recruiting students, and obtaining referrals from an Advisory Committee, school personnel, and parents; holds interviews with prospective candidates and those making referrals to determine, using JAG guidelines, the appropriateness of the prospective student for the program.

3. Administers testing programs including pre-/post-tests and career interest surveys. Establishes and implements a career development plan for all enrolled students.

4. Ensures positive perceptions of the JVG program within schools by developing and maintaining positive, effective working relationships with school personnel including teachers, administrators, students, and members of the Advisory Committee.

5. Advocates for the program and develops a pool of effective community support resources by working with employers, parents, civic groups, and legislators to build awareness of and support for the program; develops job opportunities, participates in public relations activities, attends meetings and speaks to various community groups.

6. Builds appreciation for teamwork, sense of belonging, and commitment to community service among JAG students by organizing and serving as advisor to a JVG Career Association; creates training opportunities through hands-on activities, film presentations, guest speakers, and workshops; assists with civic and social opportunities.

7. Provides students with guidance, counseling, and support within appropriate limits; refers students to additional support services on an as-needed basis; takes responsibility for learning and complying with school policies such as mandated reporting, discipline, attendance, and the like.

8. Complies with all documentation requirements in a timely fashion including contacts and activities involving students, employers, and other groups; develops and maintains a well organized filing system.

9. Assists students in finding and maintaining quality employment and/or post-secondary educational programs upon graduation; works closely with students and employers for 12 months after the end of the school year to ensure a satisfactory employment outcome; develops a plan for contacts with non-graduates to ensure effective transition to employment or additional education.

10. Participates in staff, regional, and statewide meetings, and staff development activities.

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