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Under the direction of the Chief Academic Officer, the Director II - Student Support Services is responsible for the planning, development, coordination, and management of the Division’s student discipline and intervention programs and related services.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (The functions listed below are illustrations of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.)

Serves as the District Student Disciplinary Hearing and Review Officer.

Meets regularly with the Chief Academic Officer to assure that the direction set for the program is consistent with the strategic plan of the school division and the Board.

Assists principals and other building-level administrators in implementing the Student Code of Conduct.

Assists with the development and implementation of the rehabilitation plan for each student who has been long-term suspended or has a change in placement.

Manages the Division’s truancy program.

Works collaboratively with various constituents to remedy the causes of non-attendance of students and to secure the cooperation of the child’s parent(s) or guardians, school personnel, resources within the community, and the student to achieve the prompt return of the child to school.

Enforces the compulsory attendance law by working collaboratively with local attorneys and provides documentation for either or both of the following: (i) filing a complaint with the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court alleging the pupil is a child in need of supervision as defined in §16.1-228 or (ii) instituting proceedings against the parent or guardian pursuant to §18.2-3371 or §22.1-262.

Assists, collects, compiles, analyzes, monitors, and reports data in areas related to assigned responsibilities.

Serves as a resource for schools with students demonstrating challenging behaviors.

Works collaboratively with the Chief Academic Officer to monitor the Division’s drop-out prevention program, including the on-time graduation rate.

Serves as the Division’s re-enrollment coordinator, to include interviewing students transferring into DPS for re-enrollment from detention homes, alternative discipline programs, and juvenile justice programs to determine appropriate services.

Ensures compliance with all local, state, and federal guidelines, regulations, and requirements.

Monitors the program’s operation to assure that all facets are in accordance with the guidelines, regulations, and requirements of the school division and the Virginia Department of Education.

Ensures the accurate and timely submission of all related reports as requested by the local school division and the Virginia Department of Education.

Presents information to parents and community leaders regarding programs administered by the Office of Student Support Services and their importance to students and the community.

When requested by the Chief Academic Officer, approves requisitions, assuring that expenditures are in accordance with local, state, and federal funding requirements and are consistent with the direction of the programs operated by the Office of Student Support Services.

Performs other duties as requested by the Chief Academic Officer and/or the Superintendent.

PHYSICAL CONDITIONS Must have the use of sensory skills in order to effectively communicate and interact with other employees and the public through the use of the telephone and personal contact. Work is typically performed in an office or school. Occasional attendance to school related activities is necessary. Daily contact is made with students, teachers, administrators, and families. Regular contact is made with the community. Communication may not be cooperative in nature and requires tact and discretion. Occasional contact with state administrators is necessary. Job requires standing, walking, bending, stooping and light lifting of up to 20 lbs unassisted. Job requires a valid driver’s license. Consistent and regular attendance is an essential duty of this position. Program necessity requires working beyond set hours and days.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Proven record as a strong teacher and administrator/supervisor. Successful experience in dealing with and assisting students with poor attendance and conduct records. Experience in alternative education or related field preferred. Experience with program development and evaluation. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with a broad spectrum of students, faculty and staff, parents and guardians, and the community. Ability to collect, analyze, interpret, and explain data related to student attendance and conduct.

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