Girls Wrestling Head Coach

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Girls Wrestling Head Coach
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Starting date: August 1, 2021

Contact Information:

  • Name: Jeremy Lewis
  • Phone: (801) 610-8800
  • Email:

American Fork High School is anxious to build a new girls wrestling program as recently sanctioned by the UHSAA. Candidates are desired to have good experience and knowledge of the sport. Previous coaching experience at the high school, all-star, and/or college levels would be beneficial.

The mission of the program is to generate school spirit and promote sportsmanship at school athletic and other events. A balanced emphasis is placed on success in competition.

This coaching position does not require a teaching certificate. Head coaches who are eminently qualified to teach classes may be paid the hourly teacher rate for one class period throughout the school year (est. 45-90 days), plus the Alpine District board approved extra-curricular stipend. 

A coach must be able to:
  •      Coordinate team selection/tryouts
  •      Coordinate and run safe and effective practices, caring for the needs of the athletes
  •      Selects and prepares the competition team for local and national competitions
  •      Work, communicate, collaborate effectively with the athletes, staff, parents, administration and support staff in support of the school’s vision for the team
  •      Maintain a positive image for the school, community and team
  •      Engage in school and community events 
  •      Support and motivate student athletes to do their best in academic studies.
  •      Develop sport-specific skills in athletes 
  •      Provide individual instruction/guidance for student athletes in a constructive manner
  •      Adhere to state and NFHS safety guidelines, rules and regulations of the sport/activity
  •      Manage, plan and budget resources in conformity to Alpine School District regulations, policy and procedures (PACE)
  •      Manage, plan and provide fundraising opportunities for the team and individual costs associated with volleyball team (PACE)
  •      Oversee local and extended/out of state trips and events that are beneficial to the team and the school
  •      Maintains team equipment, orders uniforms and gear
  •      Participates in the hiring and instructing of assistant coaches

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