Registered Behavior Technician

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Reagan Academy is a K-8 Charter school located in Springville, UT that serves 700 students. This job requires working with school administration on the management of students with behavior concerns. The primary role will be to supervise students in an alternative setting to provide a safe environment for both academic and behavioral growth.

Reports To: SPED Director

Job Summary:

Provide 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy; Teach socially acceptable replacement behaviors; Provide 1:1 ABA therapy for children with Autism and related disorders; Collect behavior data as specified in student behavior support plan; Implement behavior therapy techniques Review data and progress reports Document interventions and progress towards goals accurately and in a timely manner; Assists in the creation of instructional materials; Openly flexible and responsible in working with multiple children at one time, when necessary; Desire to work for / with children with autism and other developmental disabilities; Clear Criminal Background.

Knowledge and Abilities: • Applicant should have knowledge of school and classroom rules, procedures and practices. • Applicant must have the ability to interpret and establish appropriate rules, methods and techniques in maintaining a disciplined academic environment. • Applicant must have strong interpersonal skills and patience. • Applicant must have experience working with students and knowledge of conflict resolution techniques is strongly encouraged.

Duties and Responsibilities 1. Provide supervision for students who are assigned to the School Behavior/Skills classroom. 2. May be assigned one on one to assist students with issues in the behavior area. 3. Review school policies, teach social skills, procedures and student expectations with students daily. 4. Work with students and or other staff members during on issues such as behavior management and the prevention of undesirable behaviors.

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