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Must hold a license issued by Utah State Office of Education.
The license must be in one of the following types: Elementary Education (1-8) (Level 1), Elementary Education (1-8) (Level 2), Elementary Education (1-8) (Level 3), Elementary Education (1-8) (ARL), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 1), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 2), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 3), Elementary Education (K-6) (ARL).


"There is more in you than you think." Kurt Hahn MISSION Our mission is to provide a quality holistic education to all students by providing opportunities for them to be active, knowledgeable, creative, and conscientious individuals. GreenWood inspires a healthy balance in life through healthy eating habits, exercise, personal discovery, service learning, and environmental stewardship.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL GreenWood is the first school in Utah to focus on holistic education. GreenWood is a free public charter school serving grades K-8. GreenWood was chartered to educate students, engage parents and connect with our community to support a culture of healthy habits for our students to grow academically. From our mindfulness practices, to our school traditions, to our HEALTH Values, to our procedures and expectations, we ask that parents and families be knowledgeable and involved in the overall aim and mission of our school.

WHAT IS EL EDUCATION? EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) is a national school transformation organization operating in 165 schools in 30 states and reaching over 45,000 students. EL partners with schools to improve student achievement through an inquiry and project-based approach. EL schools inspire the motivation to learn, engage teachers and students in new levels of focus and effort, and transform schools into places where students and adults become leaders of their own learning.

POSITION OVERVIEW Everything that we do at GreenWood Charter School is intended to meet the needs of students in their early adolescents. You must have the ability to develop meaningful connections with students, have strong classroom management skills, and have the skills to create classroom culture in which individuals are valued for what they bring to the group.

The Behavior and Adventure Coach will manage the school’s behavior system in an effort to create an equitable and supportive learning environment for all students. They will coach teachers in behavior management and restorative practices, as well as assisting teachers in the implementation of behavioral interventions for students using the behavior tracking system. They will oversee the Adventure Program at GreenWood, and assist teachers with quality and character building fieldwork and adventures throughout the school year. You will also lead the middle school end of year intensives, including the details of reservations, food preparation and purchase, volunteer coordination, and staff member collaboration. Thinking of ways to push the students to think outside themselves, and create impacting memories. The duties and responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to the following:

Lead ChAT (Child Assistance Team) Prepare behavior data and agendas for meetings Be a member of the school leadership team Manage office referrals Address parent and student concerns related to behavior Coach teachers in using restorative practices in the classroom Coach teachers in behavior management strategies Check in/out daily with students that have behavior plans Conduct conflict resolution sessions with students and staff May run social skills groups Assist staff in defining and measuring behavior, understanding principles of reinforcement, teaching new behavior, implementing strategies for weakening behavior, and identifying antecedents. Attend professional development opportunities to maintain a high level of skill and knowledge of current research and practices Review behavior referrals Continually supervise students to ensure a safe, non-threatening, nurturing environment where students can thrive Provide recognition of a variety of student accomplishments and positive behaviors Coordinate and execute impacting adventure and fieldwork excursions.

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