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POSITION TITLE: School Counselor


FLSA:  Exempt

REPORTS TO:  Building Principal


               To help students understand their abilities, aptitudes and interests in light of the opportunities and demands they experience presently or may experience in the future.



Applicant must have:

1.   The Pupil Personnel Services license, with an ensorsement for guidance on their license.

2.    Successful teaching experience preferred, two full years of successful teaching or two years as a guidance counselor also preferred, but not required.

3.      Demonstrated the professional and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with students, parents, school personnel and members of the community.  The successful candidate will have an interest in working on school administration duties as well as counseling responsiblities.



  • Supports students by cooperatively working with parents/guardians and teachers
  • Counsels with students individually and in groups to assist in problem-solving and decision making of a personal, social, emotional, academic, educational, avocational, or vocational nature.
  • Provides for the student's orientation to the offerings of the school, facilities, regulations, rules, customs, traditions, courses, attendance, guidance counseling, and psychological services.
  • Collects, organizes, and disseminates information concerning employment, and explains educational opportunities beyond the secondary school level.
  • Collects and interprets data about students to assist in program planning, occupational and/or educational placement, and student adjustment.
  • Provides information for students by:

o   assisting in appraising their interests, aptitudes, abilities, educational achievement, and minor aspects of personality.

o   assisting in program planning in accordance with available data so that students may have the opportunity to utilize their abilities more fully and establish realistic goals in education, employment, and life.

  • Assists in the administration of the State-testing programs and administer other tests in accordance with regulations.
  • Consults with others of the school staff on:

o   making recommendations for schedule changes and testing schedules

o   individualizing instruction.

o   submitting and/or processing referrals to the psychologist.

o   referring students for specialized services beyond those provided by the school.

o   Oversees the child study process and maintains proper timelines

  • Confers with parents in appropriate individual or group sessions on:

o   the personal, educational, and vocational development of their children.

o   the total educational program of the school.

o   the post-high school educational and occupational opportunities for their children.

  • Cooperates with other authorized services by assisting in group sessions with teachers, students, and administrators.
  • Facilitates the transition of students by:

o   providing for consistent articulation between schools,

o   serving as a community liaison agent.

  • Assists the public in an understanding of the total school program
  • Presents data to appropriate professional personnel.
  • Undertakes the continuous evaluation of the nature and scope of the guidance services as outlined above for the efficient, inclusive, and effective functioning of guidance as an integral part of the total educational program.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the principal.
  • Abides by all Middlesex County School Board Policies and Regulations.



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