Professional Learning Specialist - Secondary - (2021-2022)

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Under the leadership and supervision of the Director II - Professional Learning, the Professional Learning Specialist - Secondary will assist in creating a consistent implementation of the core curriculum and for supporting a continuous learning community for teachers, principals, and support staff.


Designs and facilitates high-quality professional learning opportunities to enhance educators’ leadership, cultural competency, organizational, communication, problem-solving, and outcomes-oriented skills in collaboration with the Director II - Professional Learning

Provides systematic evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of professional learning activities and programs

Maintains district professional learning schedules and records in compliance with federal, state, and local requirements

Develops programs and activities that reflect input from needs assessments, program directors, teachers, administrators, parents, and business leaders

Coordinates program components of professional learning related to support services training, teacher training, management training, leadership development, restructuring, school improvement, and state-mandated programs

Provides leadership in working with principals and district-level staff in planning and implementing district training programs and addressing related district goals and objectives

Promotes innovative approaches in education that significantly restructure the teaching/learning process

Interfaces with the business community, institutions of higher learning, and professional organizations to coordinate professional learning opportunities

Serves as the school district liaison for effective communication of the professional learning objectives and programs to the local and broader community

Disseminates information regarding district training, certification requirements, and available resources

Coordinates the utilization of external training consultants

Performs other duties as required by the Director II – Professional Learning and/or Chief Academic Officer

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Proven record as a master teacher. Demonstrated knowledge of theories of effective teaching. Thorough knowledge of the Virginia SOL. Content area knowledge and integration of SOL. Current in content, scientific/research-based instructional theories, practices, and strategies. Demonstrated ability to observe and evaluate teaching practices. Ability to relate easily to teachers and administrators and to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of groups. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Excellent presentation skills. Knowledge of theories related to the adult learner. Ability to observe and assess the transfer of training and learning into practice. Above average organizational skills. Ability to problem-solve independently. Proficient in the use of technology.

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