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Under the direction and guidance of the Principal, the Assistant Principal is responsible for assisting with administering all aspects of the total school program by providing educational leadership for students and staff consistent with Division goals.

Thorough knowledge of all practices, methods, and techniques used in the administration and supervision of all facets of an elementary school Thorough knowledge of curriculum design, implementation, evaluation and refinement Knowledge and understanding of student growth and development Knowledge and understanding of the conditions and dynamics of the diverse school community Excellent skill in oral and written communications Ability to plan and supervise the work of others Ability to set expectations, build capacity, model learning, lead symbolically, manage effectively, and respond to constituent groups and the community

In unison and collaboration with the Principal, the Assistant Principal is responsible for the following:

Curriculum and Instruction:

Administers and evaluates the instructional program of the school. Organizes and conducts a program of instructional supervision and evaluation, including classroom and teaching observations. Implements curriculum and establishes educational objectives consistent with division goals. Develops an efficient system for student and program appraisal, recommending changes as needed to meet student needs. Evaluates grading policies and student progress with members of the staff. Assists teachers in planning field trips and using community resources. Develops the student master schedule. Facilitates teacher professional growth, recertification, career ladder planning and activities. Student personnel services:

Coordinates and administers student personnel services. Implements and maintains a code of acceptable student behavior. Coordinates and supervises student affairs including after school activities. Coordinates services to students such as guidance, health, special education. Approves student placements and programs. Supervises student record keeping. Personnel Procedures:

Administers appropriate personnel procedures in the school. Recruitment and selection. Assures that necessary documentation regarding resignations and recommendations for hiring are processed in accordance with Board policy/division procedures. Assures that recommendations for hiring are made based on the approved candidate pool and are made based on job-related criteria. Presents evidence of effort in implementing the division's Affirmative Action Plan. Assures that interviewers involved in the selection process are trained in accordance with Board policy. Personnel Policies/Procedures:

Adheres to all requirements specified in Danville School Board Personnel Policies and procedures. Coordinates the use of subject matter specialists, resource teachers, and other resource personnel. Performance Evaluation:

Monitors staff attendance and takes corrective measures if necessary. Sets performance standards for all staff that reflect expectations regarding job description responsibilities. Monitors performance in accordance with approved evaluation procedures. Licensure:

Maintains proper licensure. Assures that teachers are assigned to areas in which they are endorsed or that teachers are making required progress toward this endorsement in accordance with Board policy. Salary/Benefits:

Maintains safe work environment in accordance with approved procedures. Complies with federal, state and local requirements regarding maintenance of employee leave records; and compensation for work performed. Professional Development/Training:

Works with staff in developing professional growth plans and provides opportunity for participation. Participates in required training and develops a personal professional development plan. Finance and Operations:

Manages the financial functions of the school. Supervises the building functions of the school. Develops -- with the help of the school faculty, staff, and parent representative(s) -- and monitors the school budget. Monitors expenditures and ensures good fiscal management of school-based funds as appropriated by the School Board. Follows the Danville Public Schools’ approved purchasing procedures. Administers school-based accounting of student activity funds according to auditing guidelines. Approves of all free and reduced-price lunch applications in accordance with Federal guidelines. Collects textbook fees and other school-based fees. Maintains student data base including updates of student and attendance information. Coordinates building rentals with the Department of Business and Technology. Establishes building maintenance schedules and evaluates their effectiveness, coordinating with Maintenance and Operations as applicable. Maintains furniture and equipment inventories. Supervises the use of the school and grounds by all agencies. Orders necessary instructional materials, textbooks, equipment and analyzes the usage of such materials. School-Community Relations:

Establishes and maintains an effective school-community relations program. Communicates with parents by means of letters, newsletters, telephone and personal contact, and school programs. Participates in the activities of the Parent-Teacher Association and Parent-Teacher Advisory Board. Involves parent and community groups in the operation of the school. School-Community Relations (cont.):

Communicates and interprets division policies, procedures, and regulations. Utilizes school improvement teams to set objectives and evaluate programs. Develops and evaluates an annual school plan, assuring its coordination with division goals. Coordinates and maintains school accreditation in accordance with the State of Virginia. School Culture:

Establishes and maintains an effective school climate. Coordinates staff activities to reach consensus on how decisions at the school will be made. Provides feedback and support to teachers and other staff members on professional needs. Resolves concerns on a timely basis. Informs staff members of pertinent issues of which they should be aware. Establishes procedures by which organizational improvements can be suggested and implemented. Establishes an effective communications program that includes opportunities for staff involvement, committees, individual conferences, and internal communication procedures. Establishes an active client feedback system that includes parents, students, and staff. Performs other duties as required by the Principal, Chief Academic Officer - Elementary, and/or Superintendent.

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