Principal - Education Program Juvenile Detention Home (Part-time)

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            Title:     Principal (Part-time)

   Reports To:     School Division Supervisor

FLSA Status:      Exempt


1. Master’s Degree in Education
2. VA Endorsement in Administration and Supervision.
3. History of successful administration in middle and/or high school.
4. Experience with at-risk learners.
5. Effective organization and administrative management skills, including use of technology.
6. Experience and/or enthusiasm about leadership opportunities and professional development.
7. Ability to work effectively with students, teachers, administrators, and community agencies.
8. Knowledge of state and federal regulations related to Special Education.
9. Ability to travel quarterly to Richmond and other areas of the Commonwealth, as needed.
10. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

JOB GOAL: To supervise and administer the education program in a juvenile detention home; to determine the school’s strengths and challenges in order to enhance the students’ educational experience and improve students’ performance; to facilitate positive interactions and communications with faculty, detention home administration and staff, local school division personnel, and Virginia Department of Education, State Operated Programs’ personnel; to observe and provide feedback to teachers on instructional strategies and classroom management; to provide faculty with professional development and training opportunities; ensure compliance with detention home standards and state and federal policies and procedures. 


Curriculum and Instruction/Supervision

1. Supervises and evaluates all personnel employed in the education program of the juvenile detention home.

2. Works cooperatively with the administration and staff of the juvenile detention home.

3. Functions as the instructional leader.

4. Supports the faculty in their efforts to provide students with a positive educational experience.

5. Collaborates with the Virginia Department of Education’s State Operated Programs, school divisions, and community agencies to ensure
    the educational needs of students are met.

6. Oversees the administration of the GED® program.

7. Ensures administration of required state and federal assessments.

8. Directs the assignment of students to ensure appropriateness of instructional program to meet individual needs.      

Pupil Personnel/Compliance Issues

1. Ensures accurate record-keeping and provides data as required for state and federal reporting.

2. Oversees collection, distribution, and destruction of student records, when requested or on a predetermined schedule.

3. Provides professional development and training opportunities for faculty.

4. Ensures the use of the Virginia Department of Education, State Operated Programs’ approved forms.

5. Acts as the custodian of all records and documents required by local school divisions and of the Virginia Department of Education, State Operated Programs.

6. Ensures compliance with state and federal requirements for students identified under IDEA or ADA.

7. Fulfills all legal requests for records.

8. Participates in School Based Team meetings, IEP meetings, re-evaluations, etc., and ensures compliance with Virginia’s Special Education Regulations.

9. Develops a master schedule with the detention center to ensure optimum use of facilities and staff.

10. Supervises and actively participates in a variety of student activities.

11. Directs the provision of appropriate special instructional programs.

Personnel Preparation and Program Development

1. Ensures attendance at mandated Virginia Department of Education, State Operated Programs’ meetings.

2. Assists with the selection and termination of faculty, as needed.

3. Follows the policies and procedures of the Virginia Department of Education, State Operated Programs as determined by the manual.

4. Develops and executes personnel procedures and practices and incorporates these into a comprehensive Teacher’s Handbook, conducting annual review of all policies.  

5. Fosters a school-wide climate of cooperation, effective communication, and collaboration.

6. Establishes a network of daily communication concerning student needs, and provides a mechanism for sharing of information through emails, faculty meetings, etc.  

7. Develops and implements staff development and training programs.


1. Oversee the installation and utilization of educational technology.
2. Enforces standards of discipline, health, safety, and general welfare of both students and staff.
3. Acts as the liaison between the Virginia Department of Education, State Operated Programs, school divisions, and detention home administration.
4. Manages the education program’s budget.
5. Maintains continuing communication and liaison with parents, parent groups, business, civic and community sources to achieve understanding and
    support for the juvenile detention center’s programs and goals.
6. Completes other duties as assigned

LEVEL: Principal Salary Scale as determined by the Local School Division with input from VDOE

TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: 11-month contract

EVALUATIONS: Conducted by the employing school division through procedures. 

Revised: March 2017

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