Supervisor of Student Services

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POSITION:   Supervisor of Student Services
LOCATION:  Office of Equity and Inclusion
SALARY:   $68,000 - $120,000 (Depending on Education and Experience)
BEGINNING DATE:     July 1, 2021
CONTACT PERSON:         Eileen Pospisil, Human Resources Administrative Assistant     (540) 372-1130 ext. 2601
NOTE:    Fredericksburg City Public School Division does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, gender, age, marital status or disability in its educational programs or employment.  No person shall be denied employment solely because of any impairment which is unrelated to the ability to engage in activities involved in the position or program for which application has been made.
 Leadership Vision for Department of Teaching and Learning
The unified pursuit of ‘Excellence in Education’ for all children.

Leadership Mission for Department of Teaching and Learning:
Understanding the charge and the goals of the division strategic comprehensive plan regarding instruction, the FCPS Department of Teaching and Learning models how to develop people and workgroups, establishes rapport and creates an effort to bring out the best in people.  We use situational leadership as a strategy to collaborate, adapt to the needs of all stakeholders, and make sound instructional decisions based on data. We showcase the willingness to do anything that needs to be done and fulfill our assigned responsibilities prior to seeking additional duties.
Leadership Beliefs:

  1. We are here to guide instructional best practices while allowing the administrative teams to handle the day-to-day running of the buildings. 
  2. We believe that empowerment through unity will enable the department to be viewed as a collaborative entity. 
  3. We are able to accept feedback, are willing to reflect, and will seek additional clarification if necessary. 
  4. All improvements start with collaboration and are carried out to the best of our abilities.
  5. Decisions begin and end with children as the primary focus.
Job Responsibilities - Supervisors:
  1. Efficiently collaborate with transparency to other members of the FCPS instructional team in order to continually improve student instructional programs.
  2. Seek support from Directors in the Department of Teaching and Learning as needed.
  3. Collaboratively lead areas of responsibility as indicated on job-specific list
  4. Keep Directors in the Department of Teaching and Learning informed of any concerns related to areas of responsibility
  5. Frequently communicate success/achievements in areas of responsibility with members of the Department of Teaching and Learning
Job Specific Responsibilities – Supervisor of Student Services:
Student Program Compliance:
  1. Supervise and coordinate the student services component related to Special Education in FCPS ensuring that the educational needs of students are met and all compliance issues as related thereto are addressed.
  2. Collaboratively assist the Director of Equity and Inclusion with special education grants and funding for the school system, keeping informed of all state and federal opportunities for special funding and assist with leading and supervising all activities related thereto.
  3. Maintain all special education records and submit all reports to state and federal agencies as they relate to special education. 
  4. Assist in budget preparation and presentation for the Office of Equity and Inclusion with appropriate staff and monitor the approved budgets.
  5. Serve as district-wide 504 coordinator
  6. Prepares for special education administrative reviews, mediations and due process hearings.
  7. Monitor child-study team processes to assure that the compliance criteria are satisfied.
  8. Meet twice monthly with special education department chairs and administrators to monitor compliance and plan professional development activities for Special Education staff members.
  9. Attend and/or facilitate monthly Special Education meetings at each school to provide needed professional development to staff.
  10. Direct the identification, diagnosis, planning, placement, programming, evaluation, and transportation of pupils with exceptional needs, including placements outside the school district, and keep the business manager and the Transportation Director informed of outside placements.
Community Outreach:
  1. Consult with parents of exceptional children.
  2. Lead the Special Education Parent Advisory Council by implementing a viable system of parent and community involvement.
  3. Serve as the coordinator of FCPS Child-Find services.
Instruction and Assessment:
  1. Orient new staff regarding special education programs.
  2. Refer, coordinate, and monitor special education programs for students placed out-of-district
  3. Direct, organize, supervise, assess, improve, and develop special services and the Special Education curriculum, instructional practices, and learning resources.
  4. Assist the Director of Assessment & Accountability with Virginia Alternate Assessment Program requirements including staff training and progress monitoring.
  1. Supervise and evaluate related-services providers.
  2. Assist the Director of Equity and Inclusion with recruiting, selecting, recommending for hire, and assigning special education staff, related services personnel, and paraprofessionals to schools and programs within the district.
  3. Assist the Director of Equity and Inclusion with observations and evaluations of Special Education staff members as requested.
  4. Assume responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of speech, occupational and physical therapy, and other related-services programs and staff.
Preschool Programs:
  1. Completes SPED meetings (Child Study, Eligibility, and IEPs)
  2. Complete Part B SPED application and manage the grant
  3. Work collaboratively with the Supervisor of Preschool Programs to develop a culture of unity                                           



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