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POSITION TITLE: Certified Nurse Assistant 



SALARY: Classified Placement Schedule - Grade 5


BENEFITS: Standard Package



  1. Must have a High School Diploma and/or equivalent GED. 

  2. Must have the Arizona State Certification for Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). 

  3. Must be bilingual (Navajo/English) in order to communicate with students. 

  4. Must have the working knowledge of school health services or comparable health experience that involved in the application of sound judgment, discretion, and principles and practices of nurse care function in a school operation or similar organization.

  5. Must have strong human relations skills in order to work in sensitive situations. Must be trained and possess a current certification in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic aid, food handlers card, hearing screener. 

  6. Skill in operating a variety of office equipment including personal computers, copiers, FAX, telephone. 

  7. Skill in working in an environment subject to frequent interruptions, quickly changing priorities, and occasionally limited directions. 

  1. Must have a proven successful employment record.



  1. The primary goals are of the Certified Nurse Assistant are:

  1. to care for the student health injuries and/or illnesses in an expedient and safe manner, 

  2. to work with parents, students, and school medical personnel/health care services for the control and prevention of disease and for the development of optimum health of each student,

  3. to provide appropriate care and/or referral for illness, medically fragile and/or injured students as may be required, 

  4. to keep our students and staff in a safe environment.


  1. Administers first aid, medication, and mandated screenings, e.g. hearing, vision, scoliosis, lice check, bed bug checks, immunizations, height/weight, body checks for Exceptional Student Students (ESS) students, for mandated requirements.

  2. Receives, advises, and ensures in the enrollment of students for the purpose of proper immunization history and verification of immunization.

  3. Works with students and other school employees for the purpose of providing specialized treatments, monitoring medical treatments and/or behavior, and testing at school sites.

  4. Works on a variety of issues (e.g. emergency situations, neglect/abuse, assessment needs, infectious/contagious diseases) for the purpose of resolving immediate safety, health care concerns, minimizing infection, and complying with the law. Coordinates and refers to Social Services, behavioral and counseling services.

  5. Distributes educational and wellness materials for information for the teachers, students, and/or parents on a variety of health-related subject areas. 

  6. Follows universal precautions and infection control procedures at all times for the purpose of minimizing the risk of transmitting contagious and/or infectious disease.

  7. Maintains the inventory of medical and office supplies for the purpose of ensuring the availability of material as needed. Maintains records of student services, nursing activities, and student conditions on a monthly and annual basis.

  8. Creates and maintains medical emergency cards and health records, e.g. mandated screenings, immunization records, medication logs, injury reports, illness reports, daily/monthly log of clinic services, and office visits. Resolves discrepancies in records and/or provides information required by confidential, legal, and professional standards.

  9. Performs record-keeping and clerical functions (e.g. scheduling, copying, faxing, etc.) for the purpose of supporting health services staff.

  10. Reports unsafe environmental conditions in the buildings or grounds to the building principal for the purpose of ensuring the safety of students and staff.

  11. Responds to inquiries of students, staff, and the public for the purpose of providing information and/or direction as may be required.

  12. Monitor students for the purpose of illnesses and/or injuries.

  13. Performs routine and emergency diabetes care tasks, including blood glucose monitoring, urine ketone testing, and glucagon administration.

  14. Assists in the administration of prescribed medication, including emergency epinephrine auto-injection; assists in positioning students for health care and/or medication administration.

  15. Provides illness and accident attention; change dressings under doctor’s statements.

  16. Contacts parents regarding transportation for sick or injured students; transports students to medical appointments when necessary and as needed.

  17. As needed, assist other CNAs at another school to meet the needs of multiple students.

  18. Administers drug tests, alcohol tests, and reports back to building principal about results and the next step to help with substance abuse if more than twice.

  19. Assists with physical and mental examinations and refers students to appropriate health services.

  20. Notifies School Principals and School Counselors of serious incidents, significant health problems, referrals, and possible child abuse for the safety and protection of the students. Listens to students’ personal problems as they relate to health, physical abuse, or substance abuse. Reports situations on PowerSchool log entries notifies School Principal for follow-up as necessary. Maintains confidentiality of staff and students’ health records.

  21. Takes records, vital signs, blood pressure, and keep records logs as necessary.

  22. Assists with student hygiene. Laundry student clothes, sports clothes, and towels as and when necessary.

  23. Collaborates with teachers and/or administrators regarding students’ health, academic, and needs such as 504 for multiple behaviors, chronic illnesses, Individual Education Plan, and Child Study Team (CST) for students.

  24. Performs other duties as assigned.


REPORTS TO: Principal



The employee may be required to stoop, kneel, crouch, stand, walk, sit, finger or manual dexterity, and repetitive finger motion. Employees may be required to lift or move up to 15-20 pounds of objects.  



Subject to background investigations to determine suitability for employment. 



Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Support Services Personnel.


I have received a copy of my job description and certify that this is an accurate statement of the major duties and responsibilities of this position. I also understand that I will be required to perform these duties and responsibilities.


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