Substitute Teacher (#249238)

Posted 3 years ago

Emerald Academy is Knoxville’s first college preparatory charter school. We are committed to the singular focus of growing all our scholars into leaders. We are a K-8 school of high expectations that creates the right learning culture for city students to thrive through our innovative use of time, personalized focus on each scholar and strong partnerships with scholar's families and the community. We believe that all students should read at or above grade level by third grade. We are committed to have our students perform in the top 5% of the state within our first decade of existence. We will develop in our scholars the skills, habits and values for them to graduate from high school, enroll in college and succeed in life. Emerald Academy values its staff for their professional knowledge and abilities to foster student achievement. We will create an environment where our staff are empowered to make instructional decisions using the most current student evidence (data) and the team’s expertise. JOB TITLE: Substitute Teacher REPORTS TO: School Director DESCRIPTION OF A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER: A substitute teacher is responsible for operating a safe, orderly, and positive classroom environment under the direction of the co-teacher, while the regular teacher is absent. The substitute teacher must effectively manage the classroom and provide instruction for students, strictly following the regular teacher's lesson plans, and adhering to all district and school policies and procedures. RESPONSIBILITIES OF A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER: Provide meaningful instruction to students in assigned classrooms while regular teacher is absent. Review and implement regular teacher's routines, procedures, lesson plans, curriculum objectives, classroom management, and instructional strategies. Establish and maintain a safe and orderly classroom environment; take all reasonable precautions to protect students, facilities, and materials. Communicate clearly and effectively to students, faculty, and staff. Report all student injuries, accidents, illnesses, and serious discipline problems to school administration as soon as possible.