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Must hold a license issued by any agency.
The license position area must be in one of the following areas: Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus, Geometry, Math (General), Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Trigonometry.
The license must be in one of the following grades: 6th, 7th, 8th.
The license status must be active or about to graduate from a state-approved teacher preparation program.


****Only certified applicants will be considered. If you do not hold an education(teacher) certification in the area listed you will not be considered. Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science and teaching certification required, Masters degree preferred. City University Schools complies with all Tennessee policies regarding minimum requirements that teaching/instructional be certified in the instructional subject area, or demonstrate progress toward obtaining proper certification. Experience working with at-risk student population and record of increased student attendance, performance, retention and graduation. Be well versed in pedagogy and teaching strategies that encourage and produce success in students. Ability to participate in a campus environment where your work will be monitored on a regular basis. Experience incorporating multiple teaching methods in a classroom environment. Understanding of an academically rigorous learning environment with an appreciation of assessment and improvement. Experience working with adolescents in and outside of the classroom. The ability to incorporate technology into the learning environment. ****Only certified applicants will be considered. If you do not hold an education(teacher) certification in the area listed you will not be considered. Reports to: Principal/Chancellor Supervises: Students Job Goal: To instruct students by delivering a set curriculum. Teach effectively, utilizing a group-focused instructional system, and always keeping in mind that the end is student learning. Responsibilities: Instructional Plan/organize lessons—includes homework, tests enrichment and remedial material Motivate students, focus instruction, use point system, and make clear presentations, Check the learning, use group and group leaders, review or re-teach as needed, Evaluate and provide feedback Give presentations, explanations, and directions in a manner understood by students Maintain student attention in class—involve students by asking questions, and Encouraging participation Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter through instruction and use of materials Classroom Management Maintain positive classroom environment Manage time well Uphold The Student Scholars Code of Conduct Prevent behavior problems by intervening early Maintain control of student behavior Reinforce/reward appropriate social and academic behavior Participate in general supervision through the school Maintain positive and professional attitude toward students Have reasonable expectations of students Assessment Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching based on results of student achievement (student performance on tests, standardized tests) Rapport with Students Work with students enthusiastically, interact with students effectively, and contribute to the success of student life Professional Relationships Parents (professionalism in all aspects) Colleagues (respect, help others) Administrators (cooperation, willingness to try new ideas, ability to accept constructive criticism and improve) Commitment to Organization Take initiative in promoting/marketing the school Maintain and project a positive image of the school Actively participate in the general success of the school Involvement in school improvement—bring issues/concerns to administration for School improvement General effort and enthusiasm Professional Growth (self and others) Learn/study—become a student of learning Read and promote reading to others Share expertise/ideas with others and help them develop professionally Pursue higher education and life-long learning activities Uphold School Policies and Procedures Full-time teachers are scheduled to work forty(40) hours per week and are expected to have thirty (30) contact hours or periods per week. ****Only certified applicants will be considered. If you do not hold an education(teacher) certification in the area listed you will not be considered. Competitive salary; Health and dental insurance for employees working 30 hours or more per week—a significant portion of the cost of these programs will be covered by the employer; Group term life and long-term disability insurance for employees working 30 hours or more per week; Retirement—any staff participation requirements of the state retirement system will be followed. Depending on the mix of teachers and staff and other cost considerations the School may offer a retirement savings program to all eligible staff if the staff at the School is not allowed to participate in the state retirement system.

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