Director of Transportation and Fleet Management Services

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JOB TITLE: Director of Transportation and Fleet Management Services

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Assistant Superintendent for Operations and Administrative Services


Under the leadership of the Assistant Superintendent for Operations and Administrative Services, this position is responsible for managing, coordinating, supervising and evaluating all aspects of the school bus pupil transportation system and fleet management services for the school division and for ensuring compliance with School Board policy, and federal, state, and local regulations relating to pupil transportation and motor vehicle operation.


-Establish and direct pupil transportation as a support system to the educational program of the school division. -Stay abreast of all state and federal DOT regulations and ensure the division’s compliance; assist with the development of School Board policies and regulations pertaining to pupil transportation. -Develop and administer department policies and procedures. -Develop, prepare, manage, and administer the pupil transportation annual budget as well as the departmental budget. -Carry out and enforce appropriate local, state, and federal laws and regulations on school bus pupil transportation. -Plan the operation of all programs in conjunction with staff members and school administrators. -Ensure efficiency of operations by conducting a systematic review of bus schedules, bus routes, bus operations, and bus route safety on a periodic basis. -Recruit, train, supervise, and manage the performance of transportation personnel; make recommendations on their employment, transfer, promotion, and release. -Oversee programs relating to the training and retraining of all transportation employees. -Supervise and ensure the evaluation of all staff for the Office of Transportation Services. -Develop and establish policies relating to the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of the school systems fleet assets. -Oversee the development of vehicle specifications. -Monitor overall compliance with local, state, and federal requirements relating to the operation, preventive maintenance, and special conditions of fleet vehicles. -Manage and revise the Ten-Year School Bus Replacement Plan, and make recommendations to ensure the continued efficiency of school bus operations for the division. -In conjunction with the Supervisor of Fleet Maintenance, prepare bid specifications for purchasing authority. -Review and analyze budget expenditures on a planned, periodic basis. -Establish and maintain open and clear lines of communication with appropriate departments, organizations, and the public. -Establish and carry out a continuing program of safety education and driver training. -Support a cooperative relationship with appropriate law enforcement agencies. -Monitor the preparation of school bus routes and stops for all pupils. -Review and approve transportation payroll for extra trips and training. -Prepare and submit all reports required by federal, state, and local authorities, as well as workers compensation incident and other school division reports. -Take an active role in solving discipline problems occurring on school buses; resolve transportation-related conflicts with and/or between drivers, students, and administrators; conduct meetings with school bus drivers, parents and administrators, as needed. -Act as a liaison with parents for complaints and special requests. -Direct the preparation and updating of bus schedules for all schools in the district. -Monitor road and weather conditions and make recommendations regarding school closings and/or delays. -Assure ongoing DOT compliance by monitoring annual DOT physicals, driving records, and other regulatory compliance. -Facilitate with the DMV the Third Party Testing Program (perform road tests for trainees and maintain records). -Make on-road observations of school bus drivers charged with a preventable accident. -Serve as liaison with insurance company -Assist school principals in establishing school bus evacuation drill programs. -Review and maintain driver accident history records; review and maintain DMV transcripts for all personnel who operate a school bus. -Assist in response to vehicular accidents and incidents of vandalism. -Manage the use of video cameras on school buses. -Promote public relations with schools and community; tabulate student counts and busloads; administer the placement of school bus drivers and changes to bus routes; serve on school boundary committees. -Provide oversight for the behind-the-wheel and range portions of the division’s driver’s education program and coordinate work with the Coordinator of Driver’s Education. -Cooperate with school principals and others responsible for planning special school trips. -Attend meetings, seminars, and workshops as needed. -Perform related work as required.

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Henry County Public Schools

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