Curriculum Writing - Migrant (Internal Candidates Only)

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Position Title: Curriculum Writing - Migrant (Internal Only)

Federal, State and Competitive Grants - Bethune Education Center

Eligible Participants: Current CCPS Elementary Instructional Candidates Only 
Compensation: $20.00 hr. + Benefits 

Number of positions: 6  (1 Teacher/Grade Level K-5)        Days per Week: Varies               Total Hours: 20

Program Begin Date:    2/20/2021         Program End Date:   3/27/2021

Project Coordinator:  Marlene Dimas, ESSA Coordinator

Project Description:Teachers will work on revising the current Migrant STREAM Summer curriculum to incorporate a stronger focus on literacy. The project will consist of a total of 20 hours of curriculum writing/planning. Teachers will be required to come together as a team for 5 hours (8:00 – 1:00pm) on 2/20/21 at Bethune (FSCG Office) in Immokalee. There will be a working lunch with lunch provided.  This initial date is included in the 20 hours and will provide a review of expectations, available materials, and the opportunity to get a start on the writing with the assistance of the entire team. Teachers will then have 10 hours of independent writing to be completed and submitted to Marlene Dimas by 3/22/21. All teachers will come together again for 5 hours with working lunch (8:00 – 1:00pm) on 3/27/21 to review plans, discuss and make any revisions as needed. To be considered, teachers must commit to attendance at both the onsite dates at the Federal, State, and Competitive Grants office located at Bethune Education Center in Immokalee.

Contact Person: Marlene Dimas                 Email/Phone:

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