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Seeking trainers for our highly successful research-based school program: 21ST CENTURY CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT:  POWERFUL STRATEGIES THAT WORK IN CONTEMPORARY CLASSROOMS!™

You will train other teachers using our copyrighted and highly successful evidence-based programs. We train largely in PK–12 grade public schools, charter schools and at universities nationwide.  Additionally, some of our trainers train at boys and girls clubs, military (DOD) schools, as well as at churches and private and Christian schools.  We are seeking educators / teachers / administrators / trainers / presenters / and consultants to join our team.

You have the choice to remain in your current position and train for us on “off days” or train for us on a more robust basis.  You can work in your local area, regional area, or nationally and travel to work in other states (you determine).

Our training (hopefully your training) helps make extraordinary teachers. Our presentation (hopefully your presentation) is proven to help teachers, students, and schools succeed together on a level they never thought possible. We have an immense amount of school success data and we are eager to share it with you.

If your passion to present is strong and you believe your presentation style would be equally strong; and if you have demonstrated the art of presenting/training/teaching/ and leading exceedingly well, then we are interested in you. If you possess the qualities of a "Top Tier" professional, please follow the steps BELOW in this post to apply to our elite team.

Apply now:

If you:
1. Are a real 'teachers' teacher' or school leader (you are good at what you do)
2. Or, are an impeccably professional trainer / consultant / speaker / presenter
3. Love leading, teaching, and speaking - and are good at all three
4. Have an entrepreneurial spirit
Then we:
1. Will invite you to join our team of esteemed instructors
2. Will train you to become an elite regional or national teacher/trainer for our firm
3. Will help you achieve all of your personal and professional goals

What types of professionals are we seeking?  Certified educators of all job types and grade levels. It is beneficial to have a background in the education field or close ties/a connection with PK - 12 education. We also seek university professors, seasoned speakers, and trainers from all backgrounds and currently successful consultants. For illustrative purposes, successful consultants who work with us have the following backgrounds: teachers, principals, counselors, professors, assistant principals, superintendents, retired educators, social workers, behavior specialist, staff development coordinators, professional speakers and consultants, authors, plus other backgrounds dealing with students. By the way, if you are a retired educator (or retired trainer) we are interested and hope you will consider our offer because your experience is invaluable!

Our trainers are highly qualified and can hold the attention and deliver a message to an audience. You MUST enjoy training and staff development.
If you are interested in learning more about our company, beliefs, financials, etc., we request that you reply to this posting with a resume or brief describing your background and your connection with students/schools.

APPLICANTS WHO MEET OUR REQUIREMENTS WILL BE INVITED TO ATTEND OUR NEXT 4-DAY TRAIN-THE-TRAINER SESSION. We are conducting phone interviews and digital online training so you can become a certified trainer from the comfort and safety of your own home.

We seek exemplary teachers and administrators who serve children, parents, and teachers honorably and with great commitment. Like you, we are also highly regarded. Our strong corporation enjoys a sterling reputation with teachers, schools, and districts all around the United States and in other countries!

* Our educational roots run deep. Components of our program were initially developed with the help and guidance of Dr. Madeline Hunter and Coach John Wooden, both from UCLA.

* Integrity means much to us.

We are calling for accomplished teachers and administrators to help us meet an ever-growing training demand. We seek you because we need the very best to help us train in schools and districts and at education conferences everywhere. We are hoping you are that teacher or administrator.

You don't know if you qualify?  Here is how to tell:

Do you possess our "three P's?"

1.    Personality. Do you have the personality to deliver content in a way that will engage, entertain, move, and inspire your audience? We will give you the content that will make you shine, but can you DELIVER the message?

2.    Professionalism. Are you the teacher, administrator, speaker, presenter, or professional that others admire? Are you the one that others come to for advice because you care and you are good!

3.    Passion. The most important "P." Even more than a yearning to earn a big paycheck, do you have an overriding passion to improve education and help teachers and children succeed like never before?

If you answered no to any of the three questions above, we are not the right company for you.

If your passion is to help improve teaching and learning BUT you don’t mind receiving handsome pay for doing just that, then we want to talk with you immediately!

Your first step will be to evaluate us and to do this you will access our webinar to learn about our heritage, history, and our beliefs as well as view some of our school success data, to do this please visit:

If you believe you would make a "Top Tier" presenter, apply to learn more about this opportunity!

We are prepared to offer the finest teacher, speaker, consultant, or administrator a professional and financial opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity that comes with pay unmatched, even in the corporate world.

Apply now:

Several additional thoughts:

**** Check this out today. You will be glad you did and we want to meet you!

**** Retired and retiring teachers and administrators or leaders are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Apply now:

Please email us directly with any questions:

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