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POSITION/TITLE:                               Activities Director
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:              12 Months
SALARY:                                             As per District Salary Schedule
STATUS:                                             Exempt                       
BENEFITS:                                         Standard Package
  1. Elementary or Secondary Certified according to Arizona State of Department of Education Requirements.
  2. Previous experience as an athletic director or high school level athletic coach.
  3. Must have a proven successful employment record.
JOB GOAL:      To provide each enrolled student of secondary school age an opportunity to participate in an extracurricular athletic activity that will foster physical skills, a sense of worth and competence, a knowledge and understanding of the pleasures of sport, and the principles of fair play.
  1. Organizes and administers the overall program of extracurricular athletics, both intramural and interscholastic, for the district.
  2. Provides leadership in the selection, assignment, and evaluation of athletic coaches and staff members.
  3. Fosters good school-community relations by keeping the community aware of and responsive to the athletic program.
  4. Assumes responsibility for the organization and scheduling of all interscholastic athletic events.
  5. Hires officials, medical support and law enforcement as required, and assumes general responsibility for the proper supervision of home games.
  6. Arranges transportation for athletic contest participants.
  7. Arranges provision for meals for athletes and coaches for events occurring outside of the school district.
  8. Develops and places into operation appropriate rules and regulations governing the conduct of athletic activities.
  9. Verifies each athlete according to established physical and academic requirements of eligibility for participation in each sport.
  10. Prepares and administers the athletic program budget.
  11. Requisitions program supplies and equipment.
  12. Supervises all ticket sales and fund-raising events of the athletic program, and assumes responsibility for proper handling of funds.
  13. Arranges all details of the visiting team’s needs, gymnasium services, and field assistance.
  14. Makes arrangements for non-school use of playing fields and facilities.
  15. Arranges field and gym practice schedules.
  16. Keeps records of the results of all junior and senior high school athletic contests and maintains a record file of all award winners, stating the date and type of award including athletic scholarships.
  17. Directs an in school, extracurricular program designed to foster support for the athletic teams and school spirit among non-participants.
  18. Plans and supervises recognition programs for school athletes.
  19. Performs other duties as assigned. 
REPORTS TO:              Superintendent
EVALUATION:              Performance of this will be evaluated in accordance with provisions to the Board’s Policy and Evaluation of Professional Personnel.
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