Paraprofessional - Kindergarten

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Job Specifications: (Minimum knowledge, skills and abilities required)

The Paraprofessional assists the Teacher in ensuring all students are achieving at high levels academically, socially, and emotionally. The Paraprofessional must believe all children can learn. They must also have a strong understanding of evidence-based age-appropriate curriculum and instructional and classroom management strategies, enthusiasm for innovative practices, willingness to participate as a collaborative member of a multi-disciplinary team and possess the ability to adapt activities in order to incorporate the diverse strengths of students. They must also model lifelong learning by engaging in on-going individual professional development and should have a knowledge/passion for integrating arts and technology into instruction and using project-based learning to engage all students.

Job Responsibilities: 1.Assist teacher in creating a climate of acceptance and learning for all students. 2.Perform teacher duties in absence of the teacher, including, but not limited to developing/following lesson plans, and leading other staff in the classroom. 3.Implement lesson plans and individual student goals and objectives pursuant to Teacher direction. 1.Assist with tracking student progress of individual goals. 2.Conduct individual instructional and small group interventions in academic subjects such as reading and math. 3.Administering one-on-one assessments with students 4.Support student’s use of instructional technology and art integration.

4.Develop and lead the physical education program for respective classroom based on the Florida Standards. 5.Serve as lead for after-care, camp and/or summer classrooms including developing weekly lesson plans utilizing developmentally appropriate practices and enriching activities for specific age levels, ensuring all documentation is complete (i.e. attendance sheets), and all safety procedures are followed. 6.Utilize and ensure consistent implementation of behavior techniques and classroom management techniques and data collection. 7.Utilize, develop, and adapt developmentally appropriate and engaging curricula and instructional materials in order to ensure access for all students. 8.Ensure and provide basic caregiving duties (utilizing universal health and safety precautions) for children, including, but not limited to changing diapers, feeding children, and cleaning children’s hands, faces, etc. Ensure and carry out daily/weekly housekeeping chores for the classrooms, including, but not limited to sweeping floors after meals and activities, wiping tables and counters, cleaning changing tables, placing trash in appropriate containers, and washing, sterilizing and putting away equipment (toys, laundry and dishes). 10.Timely completion of incident reports to appropriate supervisor. 11.Assist in the communication with therapists and other special service agencies and incorporate therapy and other special requirements into class activities. 12.Maintain positive staff and parent interactions and communication. 1.Assist in providing weekly progress notes for each child.

13.Ensure School Administrator, Teacher and/or Enrichment Program Coordinator is informed of all parent and individual student concerns and complaints. 14.Participate in required meetings and trainings. 15. Ensure compliance with procedures, requirements and guidelines set forth by UCP, HIPAA, NAEYC, Department of Education, 4C, Department of Children and Families, and other State and Federal agencies. 16.Perform other duties as assigned.

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